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Strange computer — bewitched, bothered and bewildered I can’t get into my email, so there will be about a gazillion to read and/or delete by the time I get home.  I can’t find the WordPress reader either, so I haven’t … Continue reading

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Girls’ night for film and popcorn Jock’s away, and K very kindly fetched me for a girls’ night in at the Mill It was a beautiful evening and the garden was full of colour and bees, so I took lots … Continue reading

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Threnody for Common Sense

  Politics is a dirty game of lies, exaggeration and skulduggery, obnoxious scaremongering in our name wielded with crass stupidity. Britain’s going back to the nineteenth century in splendid isolationist misnomer. We must pick up the pieces in the aftermath … Continue reading

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Summer is icumen in (and out and in and out again)

             British Library Harley 978folio 11v Summer has hiccups this year. Two sunny days tempt us to shed the odd layer, put up the canopy, lunch in the garden; then ten days of drear most … Continue reading

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Heron embroidery

Jock seems to be getting quicker at these embroideries:  it only seems five minutes since he finished the goslings. The idea for this one came from an advertiseent in the Radio Times. courtship or antagonism ruffled feathers suggest a fight … Continue reading

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Forgot to take the camera today which is a shame, as while lunching at Pirou, the sea was sparkling in the sun and we were gifted with the sight of a trotter being trained along the shoreline.  In default of … Continue reading

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Scrap Happy Quadrille

Guilty Quilty Quadrille I confess, to buying fabric yesterday though my oversized scrap bin spills a glorious coloured fabric-fall crying out for use in another scrap quilt.. I couldn’t resist the siren lure of the jewel hues of textile shouting … Continue reading

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Small walk on the wild side I haven’t been walking much lately, but as summer has finally put its head round the door, the least I could do was go out and welcome it.  The grassy path earns its name, … Continue reading

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Another room I have known

Anse Baleine The housing lady told me it wouldn’t do ─ far too small, not posh enough. I mean, dear, it’s only a little flat. But the first time I saw it I was hooked.   I stood on the … Continue reading

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Been nowhere, seen nothing, what’s new? Actually, I lie.  On Thursday I had a nice gossipy crafty afternoon at our friends’ new house – Jo is reviving our long-term habit of what Jock calls Stitch and Bitch.  The tradition goes … Continue reading

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Loss of mobility …..freedom gone ……….inconsolability ……………living done ………………..self-pity …………………….grieving on-going Wait a minute.   Think.  What am I doing? Immobility of body …..leaves freedom for the mind ……….to wander at will. ……………..Creativity exploited …………………….Words to leave behind. Meeting the … Continue reading

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Goose and Goslings

Another Jock embroidery of a goose and goslings – from a photo taken by my son, Robin James Smith.  I don’t envy him doing such close work on a black background!

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Inbox crammed with rubbish – clearout needed It’s taken me an hour just to tidy up the computer, but I feel better now! I finished the pineapple child’s quilt last night, and am now mulling over another design in my … Continue reading

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Haibun Monday … Relaxation Class

Visualise twenty horizontal ladies in various stages of bulge, spread out on mats across the village hall.  “Now ladies, empty your minds; starting with your toes and work up towards your heads, tense each muscle in turn, then let it … Continue reading

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Turgid dreams make a colourful night but at least I slept. image taken by my son, Robin James Smith A quiet week, but for the high spot on Tuesday: a lunch with four old friends at the bistro in the … Continue reading

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