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Loss of mobility …..freedom gone ……….inconsolability ……………living done ………………..self-pity …………………….grieving on-going Wait a minute.   Think.  What am I doing? Immobility of body …..leaves freedom for the mind ……….to wander at will. ……………..Creativity exploited …………………….Words to leave behind. Meeting the … Continue reading

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Lament for lost loves

Debilitating depression over disappearing dexterity  – erstwhile talent down the drain. Those tasks I used to do with ease like thread a needle, pin a seam: disaster, all  gone sour on me. Diminishing dexterity makes discords in the music: piano given … Continue reading

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Ruinous rhyme

  For lack of maintenance and too much time old structures crumble, fail to hold the line; old folk stumble, inexorable decline with age and certain fate malign to rack and ruin, farewell life sublime.   Apologies for the gloomy … Continue reading

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News From The Stretcher

This is Tilly, posting for Viv. I was hoping to have a poem for you but I’m just not ready to sit at the computer for that long. I’d like to say ‘thank you’ to everybody who sent support; and … Continue reading

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Why are the eyes of needles getting smaller? Why do my quilts take longer to sew? Why do TV people mumble wear out the volume control ? It can’t be that I’m getting older, can it?  I was sixteen just … Continue reading

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Wordle 57: Secret Grief

Secret grief Stand at the window, hands on hips gaze on the disorderly mess that is a neglected garden. Mourn diminution of physical strength loss of marrow from bones joints  stiff in stillness sulking while  flowers run wild, colours clash … Continue reading

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Napowrimo 8

Sonnet, with apologies to Wm Shakespeare for 1st and last lines bowdlerised  from Sonnet III Call back the lovely April of my prime when everything was firm within my grasp. I knew then with more certainty than truth the capacity … Continue reading

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Bodies are beginnings..they don’t last forever

Once upon a time, an age or two ago, the girl had a beautiful form, slim and sexy, capable and clever. Then time takes over little by little, chips away at the beauty, the sex and the ability to work … Continue reading

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Tired Tankas

at http://withrealtoads.blogspot.fr/2012/03/frog-in-his-fresh-waters.html they asked for 3 romantic tankas.  I must be having a bad day, for romance couldn’t be further from these little poems.  Buzzing in the ears signifying the approach of dissolution – irresistible notice of the need for a respite … Continue reading

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