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The Father of Inspiration

My propensity for writing doggerel is all my father’s fault ─ a funny man, a punny man of temper unpredictable. Sitting down to Sunday dinner the chat was fast and furious. He’d say a line or maybe two and wait … Continue reading

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Six Word Saturday

It’s been a funny old week Foggy mornings and evenings with mist, low cloud and drizzle in between. Wednesday afternoon was special:  a poet friend brought another poet friend on the spur of the moment and the three of us … Continue reading

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Cheered by breath of summer warmth Lunch and a nap on the patio three days in a row.  Is this a record?  The network of contrails in the sky signals that holiday traffic is in full swing (see Thursday’s post). … Continue reading

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Cloud Cuckoo Land

  I’ve never been to Timbuktu not even merely passing through nor visited the home of Fu Man Choo If I said I had t’would be untrue I’ve been to lots of other places including some wonderful open spaces Switzerland … Continue reading

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Why do Saturdays arrive so quickly? My weeks are uneventful nowadays and I always seem to be writing 6-w-S.  I’ve hardly put my nose outside the door this week, and haven’t a great deal to show for April.   Too … Continue reading

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Tritina – Shrinkage

As my years increase choices shrink slip out of reach Not quite within reach frustration increases as I shrink As my freedom shrinks the desire to reach the top shelf increases Envoi: Increase the shrinkage of the world to reach … Continue reading

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  TAXING TIMES No time to sew, there’s much too much to do with snowstorms of papers and files to go through. Where did I put that so and so form? My head’s in a spin but that is the … Continue reading

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A twofer for Haibun Monday

Haibun Monday at DVerse wants us to use a photograph by Susan Judd – her ethereal pictures look like watercolour paintings. But first, a picture from my son:   This mysterious photograph was taken last weekend by my son, Robin … Continue reading

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What’s in my pocket

Josephine Corcoran hosts a new challenge to write about “What’s in my pocket” (or bag)   A lady’s handbag must be stretchy to hold all she needs today. Mine’s home-made in patchwork with a very long strap. It holds a … Continue reading

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Red Shoes

  You’re not having red shoes In the shop Mum was cross Please, Mum, they’re gorgeous Red shoes no knickers, Mum’s mantra Look, the heels aren’t that high, I could dance all night in those Oh, no you won’t – … Continue reading

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First butterfly embroidered on pineapple quilt two more large ones to go plus several smaller ones.  Working with the hoop makes my back hurt, so I do it in small instalments. We had a delightful lunch party at Pirou Plage … Continue reading

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Real Spring came and went again Wednesday was warm enough to have lunch outside, and a nap on the swing hammock, then there was a huge thunderstorm followed by a gale, and the canopy is back in the garage.  I … Continue reading

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Where I Write?

Wonder-blogger Celie at the Kitchen’s Garden wants us to show our writing places.  I nearly always write in bed,  or in my armchair – my definition of laptop is something that goes on my lap. The fabric over the back of … Continue reading

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Late today – other things to do I‘d pinned the elements together for my pineapple quilt, but didn’t get round to stitching them until after lunch, so that I could take a photo.  Glaring faults show up but I think … Continue reading

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Two steps forwards, one step backwards. I haven’t made much progress with my second pineapple quilt project this week. Energy levels low and too many naps!   Three blocks are finished but I’ve run out of the teal fabric to … Continue reading

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