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Heron embroidery

Jock seems to be getting quicker at these embroideries:  it only seems five minutes since he finished the goslings. The idea for this one came from an advertiseent in the Radio Times. courtship or antagonism ruffled feathers suggest a fight … Continue reading

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Small walk on the wild side I haven’t been walking much lately, but as summer has finally put its head round the door, the least I could do was go out and welcome it.  The grassy path earns its name, … Continue reading

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Where are the Bees?

Where are the bees? Our apple tree, 12.5.16 We’ll crunch no apples this autumn for the blossom will  not be transformed by the work of our friends the bees.   I haven’t seen a bee this year ─ last Spring the … Continue reading

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A twofer for Haibun Monday

Haibun Monday at DVerse wants us to use a photograph by Susan Judd – her ethereal pictures look like watercolour paintings. But first, a picture from my son:   This mysterious photograph was taken last weekend by my son, Robin … Continue reading

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  Despoiled by crass stupidity, greed and carelessness, earth damned ─ to sterile desert life condemned ─ assured by man’s cupidity. Will we survive obliquity, rebuild, recharge, re-discover simple ways and so recover everything we used to value live our … Continue reading

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Conception – the fun part Life – the  best part Death – the hard part Youth – love and laughter Prime – adventure, love and laughter Senescence – rest, reflection, love and laughter Grabbed by the scruff, it’s all worth … Continue reading

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morning visitor

Not fearful not fled — just here to be fed He doesn’t even fly away when we open the kitchen window behind him.  I’m hopeless at identifying birds, so it’s probably not a bluetit, but that’s the nearest I can find … Continue reading

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What the Trees Know for Napowrimo Day 3

The Napowrimo prompt for Day 3  asks us to read a poem “The Girl Who Feared the Wind”, which begins “The trees know” and to write a poem of our own about what the trees know. A lonning (grassy path) in … Continue reading

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Woodland senryu

image An ocean of green shadowy depths ─ through which float islands of sunlight Deepest forest clouded by the breath of trees — small creatures creep

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O be joyful in the Lord all ye lands. Serve the Lord with gladness and come before his presence with a song

  Miz Quickly wants us to write a joyful poem.  I am unable to improve on Psalm 100, but am obliged to try. Wake to the sunrise celebrate colour and calm ─ begin each day well

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Hail to Thee, Blithe Spirit

    Today had been a day of storms, of squalls alternating with heavy rain, sunshine and hail.  A visitor landed in the garden across the lane, brightly arrayed with auburn plumage, fluffed out against the weather.  I hurried to … Continue reading

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A sight for sore eyes – wordle 224

After the harvest the tractor dance resumes to harrow, lime and sow. Fourteen days spin by until from dull brown swathe of stubble emerges green enough to stun, a grid of translucent stripes across the span of my armchair view … Continue reading

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Strix Aluco

rarely seen watcher, erect awaiting quarry: lethal night hunter Haiku for Octpowrimo day 22

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Still plenty of wildflowers to enjoy To avoid a fall I keep my eyes on the ground and I see beauty

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My first attempt for dVerse Haibun Monday diverted  from the classical recipe, so I had another go. The distant past drifts by, circling as I plod the moody land towards the angry sea. I ponder the consequence of our occupation of … Continue reading

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