Magnum Opus Finished at last

Magnum Opus Finished (at last)

This one has been 8 months in the making.
I had trouble piecing, over which I will draw a veil. I ran out of fabric half way just as our local quilt shop closed down. I had nothing big enough for backing so bought a sheet which was very closely woven, making hand quilting difficult. The last piece of cotton batting bought from the said closed down shop shredded and tore. I found quilting the dozens of stars tedious. I had no idea what to do with it, as every bed in the house and every relation already has at least one of my quilts, but fortunately, my sister wants it, so that’s OK.


During that time I have also made three costumes for our village Carneval – pics of them tomorrow, worn by the two Fous (12-year-old jesters) and Alice in Wonderland (aged 5) in situ on our float, if the weather allows us to take them out of the hangar.

and pieced a top for a wedding present lap quilt, and just started to quilt it.

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4 Responses to Magnum Opus Finished (at last)

  1. Elaine says:

    What fabulous work!

  2. Christine in Los Angeles says:

    ‘Magnificent’ barely begins to describe it. Congratulations on making such a spectacular quilt, a Magnum Opus indeed.
    God bless, Christine

  3. I just love your work, Viv. If we were near each other (geographically) I would commission you! I have a “winter-friend” in Palm Desert who lives the rest of the year in Alaska who does this sort of work. It amazes me. Congrats!

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1 Response to Magnum Opus Finished at last

  1. Kay says:

    That is fantastic! I have heard from other quilters that it is a difficult pattern to piece but you have done a magnificent job, it’s beautiful

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