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No, I haven’t made a typo reversed letters like a tyro ─ a sniglet is what I meant not a seedy undergarment. A sniglet is a useful word for something which lacks a name, like thingamajig, whatjamacallit thingamabob hoojamaflip or … Continue reading

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Summer is icumen in (and out and in and out again)

             British Library Harley 978folio 11v Summer has hiccups this year. Two sunny days tempt us to shed the odd layer, put up the canopy, lunch in the garden; then ten days of drear most … Continue reading

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The Father of Inspiration

My propensity for writing doggerel is all my father’s fault ─ a funny man, a punny man of temper unpredictable. Sitting down to Sunday dinner the chat was fast and furious. He’d say a line or maybe two and wait … Continue reading

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Absence of Mind

  Last night I went to bed bookless – a calamitous killer of sleep. I’d searched the car, the bathroom, the bedroom, and down the back of the sofa – but the novel had vanished in smoke. I am always … Continue reading

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Cloud Cuckoo Land

  I’ve never been to Timbuktu not even merely passing through nor visited the home of Fu Man Choo If I said I had t’would be untrue I’ve been to lots of other places including some wonderful open spaces Switzerland … Continue reading

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  TAXING TIMES No time to sew, there’s much too much to do with snowstorms of papers and files to go through. Where did I put that so and so form? My head’s in a spin but that is the … Continue reading

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Ode to a Mouse

  No, not you.      You! O feckless fubsy piece of plastic capricious device of devious devil ─ discipline your rebel arrow wildly flying ‘cross the page. You fail to stop at amber signal, hide so coyly  in the margin, sending … Continue reading

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A dead awful sevenling Dead?  Who says I’m dead? I’m still here inside, ready for a hooley. What’s that you say? A wake?  I’m all for a party; can I come, pretty please? Why not? I ask. Let’s have some … Continue reading

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Poetic Insurrection

Curtains of rain sweep across the field, obscure the trees and spoil the view. If I were God, then I would wield a mighty mop  – sun overdue. *** Trochaic tetrameter  can be varied with  the odd iamb  from time … Continue reading

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The Beat Generation

At the Saturday hop the village hall is heaving with enthusiastic boppers. To insistent beat they swing and swivel, rotate their hips to dance the twist. The morning after the village is all groaning To a man they suffer agonies, … Continue reading

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I want you to tell me a story

Reading light escapist stuff cheers me up but not enough; happy ending, Cinderella-style comedy or ripping yarn adventure, whodunit mysteries beguile, high-flown literary work enlightens me but sometimes bores me so a happy medium I seek: something with a cracking … Continue reading

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Je suis paresseuse  Je suis fainéante  I am lazy Warm and comfortable against a stack of pillows tea brought to me laptop on my knees books beside the bed – why would I want to get up? Miz Quickly suggests … Continue reading

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Rambling, for Octpowrimo 6

  Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream. (Gibran) and each day, thank God is different.  A variety of cereals for breakfast, diverse weather, events, people encountered; aches and pains in new places; mood unique, behaviour ditto. … Continue reading

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Writing to Order

Flumadiddle balderdash, piffle twaddle, bosh and tripe, claptrap and drivel poppycock,  and muddle is all I can write when told to write: poppycock, balderdash, piffle.

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Double Earful by Miz Quickly – a quasi-sonnet

  Mistress Quickly  is a tease she reels off prompts with the greatest of ease, prompts to inspire and prompts to please but yesterday she went too far with rhyming words – a list bizarre– for us to use  in … Continue reading

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