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Monsoon – a Haibun

  A New Year ’s Day trip to an artist’s studio-cum-café on Praslin,  Seychelles saw us waiting at a bus stop when the monsoon started in earnest.  Machine gun bullets rained down on us in our shorts, tee shirts and … Continue reading

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Another room I have known

Anse Baleine The housing lady told me it wouldn’t do ─ far too small, not posh enough. I mean, dear, it’s only a little flat. But the first time I saw it I was hooked.   I stood on the … Continue reading

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  Guest prompter Matthew Henningsen at dVerse wants us to go travelling When I can’t sleep because my head is full of whirling thoughts and images.  I think my way back to a small crescent-shaped bay on the island of … Continue reading

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Junk the Jargon

Situations Vacant (Help needed) Translator/interpreter required by plain-English-speaking staff to disentangle inter-office memoranda and incoming mail and interpret at management meetings Sense of humour essential. Remuneration (pay) generous. Wig provided when all hair has been torn out.     Tony … Continue reading

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Victoria Market

I apologise for the re-blog, but dVerse wants travel poetry, and I think this is probably the best of my memoir poems.  Also, I have many new followers who won’t have seen it. Travel in small doses (as on holiday) … Continue reading

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Lost and Found

Clearing the attic ready to move, mostly we threw stuff away. An old cardboard box nearly went to the tip, unopened – we’re short of space. Something stopped me, I don’t know what, and I tore at the tape instead. Years … Continue reading

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Lost loft treasures found

The dirtiest most difficult (too many choices) task of clearing the loft fell mostly to me. My (im)patience and devotion to duty were rewarded.  Right at the back under  the eaves lurked a cobwebby carton, which I think was moved … Continue reading

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A Peripatetic Life

A Peripatetic Life From tidy London suburb to riverside freedom interlude of semi-homelessness in nasty little urban flat more suburban respectability for wildish teenage years. Young married pride in rural isolation knowing everyone in town then more suburban respectability for family … Continue reading

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Quite a decade for an old woman.

Naughty nineties?  Not very – two golden years in Paradise, exploring the undersea world; learning to teach and loving it. Moving house five times, countries and continents thrice – unsettling for this home bird. Goodbyes to friends  and family – … Continue reading

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Brandenburg 6

Margo’s Tuesday Tryout this week is a prompt after my own heart, to write to a piece of music. The choice of music to listen to was holding me up – music is everywhere in my life –until this morning while … Continue reading

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http://liv2write2day.wordpress.com/2011/08/22/monday-morning-writing-prompt-a-day-of-refreshment/ asks us to think about a place we’d choose to go or an activity we’d like to engage in for a bit of respite…if only for a day.   The first thing that sprang to mind on reading this prompt was … Continue reading

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