Quilt Gallery 2

When my old computer crashed I lost all the pictures of my early quilts.  To add insult to injury, when we moved, my album of photos disappeared.  It turned up in a box deep in the garage, and I’ve managed to photograph some of the old pictures.  This explains the poor quality of the pictures, not to mention the lack of expertise in these early works.

2nd kimono - commissioned Sylvia's golden wedding wall hangingAmish quilt for Maria KepaBethlehem Star at St Lo ExpoBrehal ExpoChristmas table runner for Marie-Claudefirst commissioned quiltfirst of many seascapes 1st of many seascapesHearts and Flowers, for Valerie HervéHomage à Trenet, Seychelles memoriesHomage à Trenet – la mer qu’on voit danser

Jessica's baby quiltJoe's clown duvet cover Joe’s Clown duvet cover and wall hanging and Mimine’s clown wall hangingJoe's clown wall hangingMimine's Clown wall hangingpansy trellis quiltPurple Patch 2006 for VickySeminole waistcoat seminole waistcoat
Singing the Blues samplerSingingthe blues sampler quilt