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Another room I have known

Anse Baleine The housing lady told me it wouldn’t do ─ far too small, not posh enough. I mean, dear, it’s only a little flat. But the first time I saw it I was hooked.   I stood on the … Continue reading

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Where are the Bees?

Where are the bees? Our apple tree, 12.5.16 We’ll crunch no apples this autumn for the blossom will  not be transformed by the work of our friends the bees.   I haven’t seen a bee this year ─ last Spring the … Continue reading

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If I had my druthers -─ though it’s a close-run thing -─ I’d rather have pain than be bored.   Failing mental stimulus the assaults of the body become engrossing, self-centred and hideous.   But with company, creativity, music or … Continue reading

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And there was no room at the inn – Wordle 228

Existence on the fringe of civil war insupportable but to leave almost worse – flight the only choice to preserve life or so they thought. In single file they crept along the difficult terrain through the night and through the … Continue reading

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Conversation Piece 2

The Welcoming Committee Plonkers Did you hear what she told them No, what? A bull has come to the farmy. So what? More of those galumphing calves, that’s what Ah, but it also means milk for us. There’s more. No, … Continue reading

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Exodus full circle

image,© deserted village, County Kerry, Ireland  Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Home was where you lived and worked – you were farmer, farm labourer, shepherd or servant weaver, spinner, cottage industry worker. Industrial revolution wars and progress … Continue reading

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The lull that follows the solstice leaves me gasping. Where have distant woods and fields gone? Hidden by waving maize stems. * What am I doing here? Sitting in the sun doing nothing gazing at heavy green-ness with eyes dulled … Continue reading

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What Lives Here?

What lives here under this scrofulous bark? What creeps through the tangle of nettles punctuated by clumps of grass, primroses bluebells and a host of shade-loving plants? What sings from this branch? What flutters the leaves? What lives here? Life, … Continue reading

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Digitalis delight

Early June, summer arrives with an explosion of light and wild florescence. Those poisonous purple spires kept me alive for years with heart-mending drugs and with hope. * Cling to enjoyment of the beauty nature brings reassured of life. For Sally’s wild challenge

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NaPoWriMo Day 9 – Raison d’être

The Napo prompt today wants to know why we continue to write poetry every day, using phrases such as staying the course, keeping on keeping on, because… just because.  To which I add cussedness, stickability.    But I don’t really have … Continue reading

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6-word-saturday and OctPoWrimo Day 4

A poem a day – nothing new There aren’t many days when I don’t write a poem, but the prompts of OctPoWriMo keep me on the hop.  Today the prompt is for a revolutionary poem – I write lots of rebellious froth, but … Continue reading

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River Camp

  I wake in the dawn to the sound of lapping water and the pungent scent of river mud.  I stick my head out of the tent flap to watch the peaceful Thames.  A hatch of midges dances, erratically catching … Continue reading

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The Island – wordle 165

Against a porcelain sky the dark silhouette of the cliff looms over the landing beach. The rock chimney splits to form the path – a tantalus to my helpless drifting. It seems to pulse forward and back, near, then out … Continue reading

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White-tailed Eagle

The Sea Eagle So many years since last I saw this place, place of my birth and hers. Six long years to grow – grow and gather my adult strength. From a great height I found her Now I must … Continue reading

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Total Recall 70 years on

Beside Chris’s house – my friend who’s a boy, not boyfriend – a nice distinction – we had a den, a place safe from adults where we could be free to live the real life of our imaginations. Between high … Continue reading

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