practice curved flying geese

I promise to get better at this, but thought I might as well make something useful out of the practice pieces, (foundation pieced on paper,  a first for me) so I have a new teacosy.   and I finished thisChristmas table runner   last night:  

3 Responses to practice curved flying geese

  1. Rosemary Bimson says:

    Love the tea cosies and what a good way of using them rather than putting them in a drawer where they can’t be seen.Wish we were near by so as I could join the Tuesday quilting group as it sounds as though you each inspire one another and i can do with some of that as I am making a quilt to take to Stephen in Cambodia next month and am struggling. He wanted a quilt in autumn colours, made up on a combination of whole squares, half squares and quarter squares. Fabric was to be patterned and no sashing between. Out of my comfort zone. As you can imagine quilting will be interesting on the boat. Good to hear that Jock is on the mend and washy a Happy Birthday from us both. I enjoy reading your poetry and ramblings each day.


    • vivinfrance says:

      Rose, You would be welcome, but you must promise to do patchwork! I am the only one for most of the year – there is a summer visitor who quilts, but the others knit, cross-stitch, mend things etc. There is also a tatter who comes from time to time, and her work resembles some of your fabulous stand-alone machine embroidery pieces, Stephen’s quilt sounds “interesting”!


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