About ViV

Unfortunately Viv died on 5th July 2016 but it was her wish that this blog should never be deleted.  It is now administered by me, her daughter Sally, but please be kind to me as I didn’t inherit the literary skills.  Mum was my constant proof reader!  She helped us set up a blog when we went off on our travels to the Turks and Caicos Islands in 2010 but it is my husband that does most of the blogging on our wildlife themed blog now including on our new 50 Islands blog

Having finished seven years of online studies with the Open University in 2010, culminating in the pomp of a degree ceremony, life became rather dull until the stimulation of Napowrimo, and poetry prompt sites perked me up again.

I’m sometimes known as the silly old bat, potty about poetry, passionate for patchwork, family, friends, music and a quiet life.  The pains of age prevent much physicality: gone are the days of riding and roaming, tennis and squash. The gentle walk up to the village is my daily exercise.

I live in rural Normandy in Northwest France with my retired dentist husband and spend my days quilting, writing and blogging.


Update:  January 2014.  Last July we sold our lovely house and moved into a rented “plein pied” (bungalow to anglophones) in the next village, to save us the labour of a big garden, and make life easier for this increasingly decrepit poet.  We are very lucky to have found the right house but retain the typical open views of this part of Normandy.

view from new house

view after the maize harvest
our new kitchen clock.

our new kitchen clock.