Forgot to take the camera today

which is a shame, as while lunching at Pirou, the sea was sparkling in the sun and we were gifted with the sight of a trotter being trained along the shoreline.  In default of today’s scene, you’ll have to be content with  one of riders, taken last year on a dreary winter’s day.horses at Coutainville 3

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13 Responses to 6-word-Saturday

  1. Is that the restaurant you took me to? My mouth waters every time I remember that meal 🙂

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  2. Kathe W. says:

    ooopsy- too bad!

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  3. It is so annoying, isn’t it, not to have your camera when the perfect photo opportunity presents itself. It happens to me a lot! The photo you have shown us, though, is very atmospheric.


  4. Rosemary Bimson says:

    Morning both, safely onboard. Thank you for entertaining us. Hope you both have enjoyable breaks in the UK.

    Rose and Andy


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  5. Tonya Jastad says:

    I’m glad you got out and about on a nice day. It is a shame about the camera though.

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  6. So happy you got out to see the sea, Viv. What a marvellous sight to see horses on the beach. 🙂

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  7. Jim says:

    Love your “old” picture, Viv. We haven’t been to Pirou but have been to Bayeux and Omaha Beach and over to Mt. St-Michel (stayed there three different times) but always went around Pirou.) Things are sooo pretty over there. We did buy some ‘Tassin’ apple cider.
    From Mt St-Michel we once went back to Paris and the other two times we drove down to Spain and farther, Gibraltar to Granada and up.
    I envy you. 🙂

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  8. restlessjo says:

    Tssk! 😦 Glad you had a nice day though 🙂


  9. Mlissabeth says:

    Sounds like a nice day.

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