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  The sun rose ─ we rejoiced to see it ─ winter miseries on the way out, albeit late and slow. It didn’t get much better as the days went past. Some days hope rose with the sun. As July … Continue reading

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Metrical Mood

Victoria Slotto is talking about meter for dVerse Meeting the bar today. Meter to me is not so much a discipline of choosing the number of beats or type of foot, but of bringing musicality to a poem.  I am, … Continue reading

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Ode to the ordinary

  For the comfort of familiarity the relaxation of wild hilarity the consolation of whimsicality we give thanks. For the drab routine of boring mundanity the culture shock of harsh reality the discomfort we feel at crass inanity we close … Continue reading

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A Hero – Collins Sestet

  Champion of the right of men to dignity and freedom, when his evil enemies prevailed, imprisoned him, his work reviled. Captive for so many years his people mourned with bitter tears. Around the world opinion sweetened, wicked autocrats were … Continue reading

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Small walk on the wild side I haven’t been walking much lately, but as summer has finally put its head round the door, the least I could do was go out and welcome it.  The grassy path earns its name, … Continue reading

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Anchored to the ground going round and round on earth’s axis without moving anywhere. Same view from where I am grass and sky and trees Please let me travel elsewhere to see the sea Must get off the globe to … Continue reading

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Nonce-sense poems

Miz Quickly, aka Barbara Young, sets some quirky prompts which tickle the imagination, and here are poems sparked by two of them.  Firstly, to write with Chutzpah, a favourite word of mine; and the second is an invention test, to write … Continue reading

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Hello, Goodbye

    Thankful the day’s about to end ─ goodbye to pain and irritation farewell to cold precipitation deplored in May, when leaves, new grown, pretend it’s summer. I thank the Lord the day is come to banish restless night … Continue reading

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The Father of Inspiration

My propensity for writing doggerel is all my father’s fault ─ a funny man, a punny man of temper unpredictable. Sitting down to Sunday dinner the chat was fast and furious. He’d say a line or maybe two and wait … Continue reading

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Now let us consider  the joining words, our teachers called conjunctions. I think they are important words to link phrases, things, relations. Thread and knots or stitches fashion clothes to keep us warm. Cement, glue, and staples, dovetails, nails and … Continue reading

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Cloud Cuckoo Land

  I’ve never been to Timbuktu not even merely passing through nor visited the home of Fu Man Choo If I said I had t’would be untrue I’ve been to lots of other places including some wonderful open spaces Switzerland … Continue reading

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  TAXING TIMES No time to sew, there’s much too much to do with snowstorms of papers and files to go through. Where did I put that so and so form? My head’s in a spin but that is the … Continue reading

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Secret Admirers

  dVerse   Poetics wants us to pick a poet from the many customers of the poets’ pub and write a response, maybe in their style or maybe not.  One’s poetic voice after a while becomes recognisable, but write in someone … Continue reading

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  Despoiled by crass stupidity, greed and carelessness, earth damned ─ to sterile desert life condemned ─ assured by man’s cupidity. Will we survive obliquity, rebuild, recharge, re-discover simple ways and so recover everything we used to value live our … Continue reading

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Little Tree

  Am I the last to learn the worth of Little Tree? How did I reach my great age, read whole libraries of words and yet have failed to see this little treasure of a book? It’s called the Education … Continue reading

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