Loss of mobility
…..freedom gone
……………living done
…………………….grieving on-going

Wait a minute.   Think.  What am I doing?

Immobility of body
…..leaves freedom for the mind
……….to wander at will.
……………..Creativity exploited
…………………….Words to leave behind.

Meeting the Bar at dVerse Poets’ pub asks us for an elegy for a loss – with three stages, sorrow, appreciation, acceptance.  My little poem is  something that has crept up on me, dominating my consciousness of late.      I hope it answers the definition of an elegy.  

I couldn’t make the staggered layout work without putting in the dots, because the ability to make them colourless has disappeared from the toolbar – WordPress gets harder and harder to use properly.

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23 Responses to Elegy

  1. Glenn Buttkus says:

    Very thoughtful & creative response to the prompt, Viv. I have been disabled, physically) for 25 years; much of my depression eroded when I realized that if you cross out the “D” in (d)isable, we are left with IS ABLE. For me poetry & photography were my mind’ outlets, allowing joy to co-exist with despair, & forcing them to be proactive with each other.

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  2. Sherry Marr says:

    This is simply brilliant and perfect and I resonate with every word!!!!!!!

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  3. lillian says:

    It’s in the choices that we live. We mourn that we are not fleet of foot…that life becomes more challenging as we age — but then we think of the alternative and for most of us, we live.
    There is much in these few words.

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  4. Thought provoking, Viv! 🙂


  5. Grace says:

    I love the positive approach Viv….lots of room for the mind to wander freely ~

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  6. Bodhirose says:

    I can relate to your “self” elegy, Viv…like they say, getting older isn’t for sissies!

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  7. You are appreciated for all that you give the world in words and passion. We redefine ourselves everyday and the freshness of such thoughts keeps our legacy proud and strong. Wander far Viv, your mind has much more to offer!


  8. tialys says:

    I know this is supposed to be uplifting – which it is in its way – but it also made me cry. Then, when I read Marian’s comment, I cried again.


    • I’m sorry I made you cry. I do try to keep positive as much as possible, but like Kate, I’m fed up with pain.


      • katechiconi says:

        I am fortunate, Viv, in that some of my pain is even now being reduced. The hard part for me lies in the fact that this has all come so early in life for me, and the deterioration will not stop. I do agree that you develop a greater appreciation for the life of the mind, and for things visible.


      • katechiconi says:

        Viv, I’m very fortunate, in that most of my pain will hopefully disappear shortly. It’ll come back in time, when other parts of me give out, but I have a reprieve to look forward to. I do, however, understand how the life of the mind become so much more important when the life of the body is curtailed…

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  9. well said – while we are alive we always have something to be grateful for- even if it is only those around who care for us.

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  10. Sumana Roy says:

    this is such a unique take on the prompt Viv.

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  11. To puff-puff-puff to the top of a gentle slope while everyone waits for you is an occasion worth remembering. The desire to reach over & yank out a few unwelcoming weeds from one’s garden but fortunately you control yourself – the sounds of wailing ambulance would wake the neighborhood.
    I wandered through our small yard this morning, Is any month more beautiful than June in the Northern hemisphere,? The peonies are opening & the roses. Yellow beans pushing out of the ground, new leaves on the tomatoes, pepper plants all shiney & green.

    What we gain, I think is an appreciation. Not that I never appreciated all this stuff, but now it has an edge to it – an edge of inpermanence that these are all earthly treasures, and like all things that belong to the earth, are only here for a while. As we are, too. I lived my life, I had my turn at its joys & sorrows and now I am becoming a burden on those I love.- not that they will ever admit it, but I know things will be easier for them once I am out of thep icture & resting between my husband & daughter There they can mourn openly & properly for a bii & then move on with their own bodies whispering that their time, too is limited

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  12. Oh I do love it, to imagine the immobility as an opportunity to wander further… love it.

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  13. granny1947 says:

    I love it. Always something to be grateful for.

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