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Threnody for Common Sense

  Politics is a dirty game of lies, exaggeration and skulduggery, obnoxious scaremongering in our name wielded with crass stupidity. Britain’s going back to the nineteenth century in splendid isolationist misnomer. We must pick up the pieces in the aftermath … Continue reading

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Have a happy weekend, blogging friends Are you fed up with politicians, posturing, spouting rubbish?    BREXIT & TRUMP (sounds like a firm of dodgy lawyers) dominate the news on TV (I change channels) and Facebook is filled with hate … Continue reading

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And there was no room at the inn – Wordle 228

Existence on the fringe of civil war insupportable but to leave almost worse – flight the only choice to preserve life or so they thought. In single file they crept along the difficult terrain through the night and through the … Continue reading

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Anthropocene in spondee

for Ms Quickly’s March 3  prompt Greed grows sews harm mars all. Takes, uncaring of the future. Wastes resources and energy in wanton consumption negligent of consequence for our descendants. No rain dust bowl no food outcome:  extinction.   The Anthropocene … Continue reading

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Hypocrisy and Lies – for Wordle 176

  These words come from a political pamphlet found by Brenda Warren at the Sunday whirl.  The first thoughts that came to mind when I read Brenda’s email were: Hypocrisy and lies. The whole  voting community elects government for our … Continue reading

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It’s been a funny old week of weather:  our friend’s 70th birthday party last Sunday was blessed with a glorious sunny day for the lively and eclectic mixture of family and friends from Britain, France, the US and Canada.  The … Continue reading

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The Kindness of Strangers

  Is this what God felt like – that the world was going to hell in a bucket – when he decided to send his Son to save us all?. It may have worked for a while – though I … Continue reading

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Poetic Journalism

    There once was a guy named Farage who didn’t want Britain enlarged. He ranted and raved for the pound to be saved and the EU to be discharged.   For those not in the know,  Nigel Farage MEP … Continue reading

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Protected: Subversive Senryu password protected

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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We write Poems is delving into mythology today.  As a child I revelled in the tales of the Greek and Roman heroes in Arthur Mee’s children’s encyclopaedia.  But life has changed my views, especially during the last ten years or … Continue reading

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Election Day

Local elections in France are a bit weird.  You don’t vote for a party, or a person.  There are lists of candidates who present themselves as a group who will work well together.  At the previous election, we lived in … Continue reading

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Down with Politics Wordle 148

  Political parties court our votes yet fail to see that what is needed is a framework of support to keep safe those brave souls whose wages are too small or whose health is not robust, supported by the rest … Continue reading

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A Rant

I was casting about looking for something to write for dVerse Open Link Night, against the background of the 10pm TV news programme. This story and an interview with a senior Barclays Bank executive enraged me and resulted in this … Continue reading

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Angry Pantoum

I am repulsed by politics hypocrisy, cant, and worse, lies. we should all believe in kindness and as much as we  can,  truth. Hypocrisy, cant and worse, lies prevent us reaching happiness, by the antithesis of truth. all partners to … Continue reading

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SEQUEL to LIFE and Wordle 133*

What happened after the Creation Darwin called evolution, the development of species – diverse beyond expectation. When humanoids appeared they lurched towards damnation. Greed and sin and politics bring  earthly desolation, ruination of the climate extermination of species; man teeters … Continue reading

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