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  The sun rose ─ we rejoiced to see it ─ winter miseries on the way out, albeit late and slow. It didn’t get much better as the days went past. Some days hope rose with the sun. As July … Continue reading

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No, I haven’t made a typo reversed letters like a tyro ─ a sniglet is what I meant not a seedy undergarment. A sniglet is a useful word for something which lacks a name, like thingamajig, whatjamacallit thingamabob hoojamaflip or … Continue reading

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Scrap Happy Quadrille

Guilty Quilty Quadrille I confess, to buying fabric yesterday though my oversized scrap bin spills a glorious coloured fabric-fall crying out for use in another scrap quilt.. I couldn’t resist the siren lure of the jewel hues of textile shouting … Continue reading

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Palindromic palimpsest etheree

145,541 All those folk, some of them more than once, happily, have visited this blog read my writing viewed photos, responded. WoW! Thank you, my faithful friends for coming here 145,543  

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  Despoiled by crass stupidity, greed and carelessness, earth damned ─ to sterile desert life condemned ─ assured by man’s cupidity. Will we survive obliquity, rebuild, recharge, re-discover simple ways and so recover everything we used to value live our … Continue reading

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Quadrille 6

  The taste for the superfluous holds sway over those who are still unacquainted with the necessary. Twist and turn as we may, true contentment will remain out of reach for those who are ignorant of the difference between want … Continue reading

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Writing against the grain

I had a first line in my head, went to write it but it had fled. I looked at the sky and wondered why this poet’s still lounging in bed. Get up and get out, I said. Put something real … Continue reading

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Togetherness, Wordle 246

  We used to stand in a circle and talk at the end of every working day, telling those tall tales of hope and making drippy jokes reluctant to leave, to stem the flow that makes us into a team. … Continue reading

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morning visitor

Not fearful not fled — just here to be fed He doesn’t even fly away when we open the kitchen window behind him.  I’m hopeless at identifying birds, so it’s probably not a bluetit, but that’s the nearest I can find … Continue reading

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Bird Words

  Bird Words A comfort of song-thrushes a peck of worm-hunters a jabber of sparrows a swoop of ospreys a tickle of feathers a stoop of kestrels a perch of parrots a wheel of flight the fluttering the beauty the … Continue reading

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dVerse wants us to use a line from this poem by Naomi Shihab Nye, Burning the Old Year in a new poem of our own.  I chose two lines: “absence shouts, celebrates, leaves a space”  and “only the things I … Continue reading

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Spring has sprung

Delight spreads over my weary spirit — daffodil cheer Magnolia magnificence adorns the sky— makes me happy And our neighbour has mowed his lawn.

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Surly sky cannot belie the bubble of happiness as we, cocooned in warmth and comfort of friendship, look out over pewter sea, when suddenly appears a gaggle of horses and riders to splash along the tideline. Child giggles with delight … Continue reading

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Thirty-year old African violet kept for sentiment.

Too little earth for support in an over-large pot causes the plant to tip a dusty grey-green amorphous nimiety of leaves over the side. A wrinkled weak purple flower pokes defiantly out at the top — undeserved reward for years of … Continue reading

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The Beat Generation

At the Saturday hop the village hall is heaving with enthusiastic boppers. To insistent beat they swing and swivel, rotate their hips to dance the twist. The morning after the village is all groaning To a man they suffer agonies, … Continue reading

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