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Strange computer — bewitched, bothered and bewildered I can’t get into my email, so there will be about a gazillion to read and/or delete by the time I get home.  I can’t find the WordPress reader either, so I haven’t … Continue reading

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Each year on the Sunday nearest to 6th June, a simple and touching ceremony is held beside the memorial to the multinational crew of a Lancaster bomber downed in a nearby field. Today local families and expat Brits gathered as … Continue reading

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Haibun Monday … Relaxation Class

Visualise twenty horizontal ladies in various stages of bulge, spread out on mats across the village hall.  “Now ladies, empty your minds; starting with your toes and work up towards your heads, tense each muscle in turn, then let it … Continue reading

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The sun shone and we’re having a happy weekend.

Yesterday we went to Hambye, where a delightful quilt shop can be found.  After months of making scrap quilts, I bought some fabrics which appealed to me, but with which I hadn’t the foggiest notion what I would make. Then … Continue reading

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Thank you, WordPress

After my cri de coeur yesterday, all is back to normal!  A Happiness Engineer (God help him IF he ever has to give his job title on a tv game show) got back to me, taught me how to take … Continue reading

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HEEELP1 my WordPress blog has shrunk

I wrote to WP on Saturday because my blog has unaccountably shrunk beyond  legibility – every aspect, header bars, menus,   etc. The reader (top right) has disappeared altogether. I  had  an ackowledgement by email, but not a word since … Continue reading

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Situation normal:  the rain is back But signs of Spring are creeping in all over the place.  I’ve been keeping tabs of next door’s magnolia tree for signs of bursting buds, and yesterday there was definitely some colour at the top … Continue reading

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Wordle 235 – Tug o’ War

I groaned when I saw the Wordle words, unable to find even a glimmer of poetry, though Im sure you will find some inspiring writing at The Sunday Whirl. Tug o’ War – a Haibun The fight was fixed. That … Continue reading

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6-word-Saturday 12/12/15

Catastrophe – freezer full of Christmas meltdown   Our 14-month-old very expensive Bosch freezer failed on Thursday night.  The shop in the village where we bought it responded at once by lending us a chest freezer and by dealing with … Continue reading

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A good time was had by all

A few weeks ago I mentioned a I was making for a friend whose 75th birthday was celebrated last night by 45 noisy folk in a delightful restaurant.     The five-hour meal was gorgeous.  It started – after dealing … Continue reading

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Where are they going, and why?

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Heart beats in iambics, stomping trochees or frivolous dactyls

On BBC 4 tv last night, there was a fascinating conversation between Simon Armitage and Tony Harrison, who gave the best justification for writing modern metrical rhyming poetry that I have heard.  It’s true that the most natural rhythm is … Continue reading

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Shopping with Jock

for Octpowrimo Day 3 Physical dilapidation mental capacity in reduction freedom of choice in diminution mobile liberty deprivation all contribute to my frustration shame at my grumpy lack of appreciation of all that he’s obliged to do for me guilt … Continue reading

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Laughing Housewives are the best guests If you don’t know Tillybud’s blog, you have missed a treat, as she rarely blogs nowadays, but back in the day I was roaring with laughter every morning.  Before that we were study buddies … Continue reading

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Charming Chaos is taken for granted I am feeling punch drunk this morning (not drunk drunk) after that very French institution, a repas – a meal for about 30 people to celebrate something or nothing.  In this case it was … Continue reading

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