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Metaphysics? introduced us to the work of metaphysical poet Carlos Drummond de Andrade, and challenges us to pick a common metaphysical question and work on a thoughtful, poetical answer to it.   There’s a link to a list of questions, from which I quote … Continue reading

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Microwordling for WWP gave us a group of words to put into pairs and use in poemlets.   I only did one set of pairs, to my shame.  The words are:  gathering  oak  colour  membrane  voice  limb   The limb of oak creaked and … Continue reading

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Evening Acrostic  wants an evening poem and wants an acrostic for her Tuesday Tryout. Being rather lazy I have combined the two! Every evening every  worker Values leisure time Eases back on effort Now the time has come In enjoyment of … Continue reading

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A while back, I posted a link to this fabulous ginormous sculpture being created on the site of an opencast mine in Northumberland – Lots of work has been done since then, and a hand and face is emerging, … Continue reading

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Wild Story

The big wild world is wonderful but shrinking all the time. Fly over England and you will see that most of it is covered with ordered cultivation, barely a mile without a habitation, roads and tarmac,   car parks everywhere. … Continue reading

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Light and shade showed form to artists through the ages richest gift of  light Intangible without it there is no sight nothing without light for

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I Saw Sunday

In Autumn 2010, I took seeds from all the fading annual flowers in my garden, put them in an envelope in the arrière cuisine and forgot about them.  In Spring, I was looking for something to brighten up the eighty metres of wire … Continue reading

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Wordle 26.11.11

  Seasonal dislocation Autumn sunshine brought gullible ducks out from untidy rustling rushes, into the open with a new brood of ducklings, proudly spinning to show their swimming skills. Autumn sunshine, mellow  and smug, fools those silly ruddy ducks into thinking it … Continue reading

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The Good Old Days for PAD 26

There’s much to be thankful for in growing old. For a start it’s better than the alternative. At least I still have a hold on life, and there’s more: wage slave days are long behind me: days when work was … Continue reading

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Why do I keep falling asleep? I had five separate naps yesterday, ensuring that anything worth watching on TV passed me by. I did manage to get out in the garden on Friday afternoon to dig up some beetroot and … Continue reading

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Remembrance day Nijuin Renga

  Time to remember, salute those who went before – vain sacrifice. Heroism personified achieved nothing in the end, yet their names are still remembered; grateful strangers honour those long dead. Freedom has its fee: men and women fall in … Continue reading

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Consumption for PAD day 25

Consumption poemlets/freewrite Consumption is what they used to call TB in romantic novels and la Boheme, where heroines wasted away in damp and draughty garrets. * Consumption is what economists and commercial interests want us to do in large lots, … Continue reading

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Dear Elaine

 self-portrait by Elaine de Kooming Your self-portrait aroused my sympathy.  The way you are perched on the edge of that most uncomfortable chair will do irreparable damage to your spine.    Do you want to end up in constant pain?  Your crossed … Continue reading

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Oh Crumbs!

Gathering all my scraps together I play with them in separate heaps, place one shade against another. Sometimes they clash: I start again, throw them about in bright array – patterned fabric allied with plain small pieces juxtaposed with large … Continue reading

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sensory overload

Light flickers on the sun-bleached road, the swish of wheels blends to a blur of sound as the Tour de France swooshes past in kaleidoscopic colour.  Stand too close and stale sweat will overwhelm you. Stand well back and the … Continue reading

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