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Togetherness, Wordle 246

  We used to stand in a circle and talk at the end of every working day, telling those tall tales of hope and making drippy jokes reluctant to leave, to stem the flow that makes us into a team. … Continue reading

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A sight for sore eyes – wordle 224

After the harvest the tractor dance resumes to harrow, lime and sow. Fourteen days spin by until from dull brown swathe of stubble emerges green enough to stun, a grid of translucent stripes across the span of my armchair view … Continue reading

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Advice to a Housewife

Looking for a handkerchief in a muddle of a drawer, stumble over faded letters from a long lost love. Never tidy drawers that might contain such treasure. Never turn out old pockets for the river of your story. Leave memories … Continue reading

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Poem goes Phut

Mindlovemiserysmenagerie gives us a beautiful wordle, asking us to use 10 of these heterogeneous words: Tweak 2. Cloy 3. Jeans     4. Browse     5. Reverse     6. Pewter     7. Nozzle  8 Bedraggled 9. Stria   10. Truculent      11. Knuckles     12. Slack My muse  is slacking, my … Continue reading

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Whirligig Wordle 7

Longing to be leaving, I don’t want to find you grieving, lighting candles to remember what you thought of  as a treasure. Rush away  and have some fun – learn to roar at the sun, for this prodigal is indestructible. … Continue reading

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Whirligig 6: Belinda

Delinquent Donkey Belinda our mystic donkey was a contrary soul – take her for a walk southward and she’d stop dead, dig her hooves into the soil. Change direction she’s all sweetness and light – no consolation if you need … Continue reading

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Courtship – wordle 205

A blackbird exists to sing his joy – his call for all to listen, Repair the soul from blues to bliss add a frame to every day. His craft will turn back wretchedness to chance of ecstasy for nondescript brown … Continue reading

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Masochism – Wordle 202

  In the drive to join in every wordle , words and images are planted willy nilly here and there. I shall make no excuses for incoherence. To begin the trip: The Northeast wind stings my skin with hail as … Continue reading

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Musical Wordle 196

It is a sign that maybe it is time to change your mind, erase the words, trite as they are; let music chime across the miles. Melodious spirit breaks the spell, spreads joy throughout the land. Today’s wordle words are: … Continue reading

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Say Nothing. Wordle 191

Say Nothing   So many one true churches, spinning in a tangle; such plurality of one true gods endeavouring to gain an angle on the angels of the planets. Tread softly on the faith of others, spread instead forbearance, with … Continue reading

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Hypocrisy and Lies – for Wordle 176

  These words come from a political pamphlet found by Brenda Warren at the Sunday whirl.  The first thoughts that came to mind when I read Brenda’s email were: Hypocrisy and lies. The whole  voting community elects government for our … Continue reading

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The visitor – Wordle 164

A muffled knock at the front door announces the daily visit of the little girl from around the corner. ”Ello”  she says, her only word of English, and offers her cheek for a single kiss. We have a language problem: she mumbles … Continue reading

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Another Fine Mess You’ve Got Me Into

Age, I mean, whose fragile bones make aches and pains, whose wayward limbs give to my walk a rocking sway so passing folk are inclined to say “She’s drunk.” The years have stolen my height away, twice missed and sinking, four feet ten … Continue reading

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A Muddled Wordle

  A lanky loon with silky hair and murky skin drank some whisky, became befuddled and fell in a puddle. He finished the race, quite out of breath with a pain in the bum and down in the mouth. all … Continue reading

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Wordle 101 – Decision Time

Yesterday a disguised difficulty was preying on my mind. Brooding, in search of resolution, my steps wandered towards the sea. A white-flecked maelstrom before, littered tide-wracked sand behind, a gusty wind stirred marram grass into heaving waves of green, A … Continue reading

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