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  Never Satisfied   Through grim grey months of winter I long for the rebirth of green, complain at the late arrival of birds and bees, leaves and flowers In May, overwhelmed by half-remembered greens in  diversity to blind us, … Continue reading

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Tell me please

Machines trail lacy scarves knitted from white vapour yarn, write messages across the blue, encrypted puzzle for those below Who’s been playing noughts and crosses in our sky? Where have they come from, where are they going and why?

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Conception – the fun part Life – the  best part Death – the hard part Youth – love and laughter Prime – adventure, love and laughter Senescence – rest, reflection, love and laughter Grabbed by the scruff, it’s all worth … Continue reading

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Sunday by the Sea

Sunday walk along the shore doddery grandparents admire the shining sea and perfect sky small girl wobbling on new roller blades new lovers hand in hand, unaware of passersby, oblivious to all but joy   More practice for Napowrimo – it’s … Continue reading

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Double Triolet – little bird

dVerse wants us to write a poem using the first person. “Perhaps you will leave your reader wondering if you are actually the “person” of if this is a fictional character. I’d like to see you bring an event that … Continue reading

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In the brief lull between two gales we assess the damage, pick up broken pot pieces, retrieve the lid of the compost bin and weigh it down with a rock; hold our breath in the forlorn hope that Storm Imogen … Continue reading

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Wordle 230

Warped and twisted extremists spread everywhere a stream of fear, entwine us in their vicious schemes to lure us into their world  of hatred This flood of anger must be resisted or peace will never reign again. The creases of … Continue reading

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6-word-Saturday -Christmas CountdownBegins

The tree is up and twinkling, winking through the window to tell the world it’s Christmas ─ well nearly – just look at that: golden baubles, lacy snowflakes home-made stuff and yards of tinsel tat.  Sorry about the photo.  I … Continue reading

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Seeing Stars

Seeing Stars To see the stars it must be dark ─ dark as a wilderness where no-one lives pitch dark as on a mountain top at midnight. or as under an olden-days photographer’s cape. Nowadays it’s hard to see the … Continue reading

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The colour of laughter

Tinkling silver laughter flickering through bare branches ─ the sound of Autumn sunshine. Laughter of children patterned pink and yellow, skipping through playtime until the deep red chime of the bell calls them back to a grey-blue  learning place. Victoria … Continue reading

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Je suis paresseuse  Je suis fainéante  I am lazy Warm and comfortable against a stack of pillows tea brought to me laptop on my knees books beside the bed – why would I want to get up? Miz Quickly suggests … Continue reading

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Loopy Scrap Verse

for Octpo 26 where the prompt is to  take the last word of a line. Skip a line. Use that word as the first word of that line then take the last word of the FIRST line and use it as the … Continue reading

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A twofer from Wordle 221 for Octpo 18

How could I write a poem about weapons without swearing or weeping? It is my deeply held view that makers, sellers, buyers of weapons are as guilty of murder as those who use them. *** Transform the energy from good … Continue reading

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If I had my druthers

The Octpowrimo prompt for day 15 is to imagine “if today was the day where you could do anything you wanted. All foods had no calories. You could speed without getting pulled over. You could climb onto a plane and … Continue reading

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for Octpowrimon day 14 A reservoir of memory turns all our yesterdays into history, connects us with our ancestors.   Today meets yesterday when the mind throws off dreams. The slumbrous golden link between refreshes and equips us for our … Continue reading

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