What the Trees Know for Napowrimo Day 3

The Napowrimo prompt for Day 3  asks us to read a poem “The Girl Who Feared the Wind”, which begins “The trees know” and to write a poem of our own about what the trees know.

Autumn on the grassy pathA lonning (grassy path) in Basse Normandie

The trees know it all

We know that feeble ancient poet
who slares along the lonning
between our rows on good days,
encircles the built-on bourg
peering at nettles. splits in our bark
and holes delved inside us by wild beings.
She is at home beside us.

She who gazes from her armchair
on bad days
across the meadow
to where we grow in crowds
along the rounded valleys.
She finds solace in the sight of us
busily protecting the planet.
She is at home.

Cumbrian dialect:

  • slare (v) to amble slowly
  • lonning (n)  a lane, specially a secret lane to a farm





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14 Responses to What the Trees Know for Napowrimo Day 3

  1. Brava! This is stunning, Viv.

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  2. Thanks for using the prompt!

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  3. katechiconi says:

    O happy hirpling wordsmith! The trees know their job, and you celebrate it!

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  4. Love the perspective here, Viv.


  5. Wondrous. Love the new words.

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  6. Tom Merriman says:

    I’d love to know what trees know!

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  7. thehutts says:

    I love trees and have been admiring the lines of silhouettes on a drive back from Hexham this afternoon. Won’t be long and the leaves will spoil the bare branches. Sally


    • I’ve just been out looking for leaves and violets. Too soon for leaves and no violets along the grassy path. Then, to cheer me up, I found a patch of violets in the bank beside the house, where I stopped the strimmer man in his tracks last year.


  8. Candy says:

    I think the trees know us well …… and tolerate us too. This is a pleasure.

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  9. Misky says:

    This is absolutely charming.


  10. a sense of quietness is conveyed to me.


    • It’s not at all quiet here now: I’m watching the f1 Grand Prix on tv!

      But seriously, we live in a quiet village with quiet neighbours – except for the occasional squealing roller skating children at recré time from the school at the bottom of our little road – and I love them to bits!


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