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Resignation for Napowrimo days 6-30

Weary, this poet and only day six ─ nourishment needed my fatigue to fix. * Napowrimo is doing my head in preventing enjoyment of reading other folks’ work ─ in despair I shirk, delete inbox and sigh at the shedding. … Continue reading

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Quadrille for Napowrimo day 4

The huge brown eyes shimmer with unshed tears of rage. It’s not fair, she cried. You’re bigger than I am.  You can reach the sweetie shelf. Life’s not fair, her mother replies, And candy rots your teeth. You can have … Continue reading

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What the Trees Know for Napowrimo Day 3

The Napowrimo prompt for Day 3  asks us to read a poem “The Girl Who Feared the Wind”, which begins “The trees know” and to write a poem of our own about what the trees know. A lonning (grassy path) in … Continue reading

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Breaking Silence

  Silence is not always golden nor every sound harmonious. Raucous voice, discordant noise drunken shouting, roaring roads Making lives a misery for those who do not wish to hear. But Birdsong breaks the night-time quiet Waking-up to longed-for day. … Continue reading

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A Feeble Haiku

Winter’s woes are catching up with me ─ despite spring’s arrival Napowrimo’s approaching fast – I must keep practising.

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Sunday by the Sea

Sunday walk along the shore doddery grandparents admire the shining sea and perfect sky small girl wobbling on new roller blades new lovers hand in hand, unaware of passersby, oblivious to all but joy   More practice for Napowrimo – it’s … Continue reading

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A Summer Tanka

as part of my self-imposed exercise in preparation for Napowrimo next month, I gazed out at the pouring rain and the gale lashing the trees around us, and bizarrely these words fell into my brain Humming flutter murmuration of flies … Continue reading

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Napowrimo 21 – Naani

  I know that life is short sometimes sweet, sometimes sad, never easy, that’s for sure, merely to be lived. Today’s prompt at Phoenixrising  is to use the Indian form, Naani, which means an expression of one and all. It consists … Continue reading

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Napowrimo Day 20 – Limerick

One glorious morning in Spring she was doing a Highland fling – a dance energetic her movement frenetic – dressed in bling to welcome the Spring The form for today at Phoenix Rising is to write a limerick

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The joy of a working computer He did it:  the Splendid Young Man finally found the way to rid Lappy of nasties, bring back Word and generally liberate me from the miseries of the previous ten days.  He was rewarded … Continue reading

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Napowrimo 16 Hail Poetry

Hail poetry, thou heav’n born maid O poem, where are you? Here I am with subject full in my face: a dogged wasp climbs the window only to slide back to the start on slick newly shined glass to start … Continue reading

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A noisy haiku

  Swishing, harsh crackling fed by two hyper-sensitive gadgets to my brain For Heeding haiku        riah ym gnihsurb fo dnuos eht

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The Roaring Forty Words

A list poem for Napowrimo Day 5      Roaring is good – releasing tension Roaring is bad – showing anger Roaring is communication – between lions Roaring is oceanic – waves against rocks Roaring is messianic – saving lives  Roaring is thunderous – the voice … Continue reading

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The Start of it All

Introduction to Poetry for Napowrino Day 3 which is also National Poetry Day Nursery rhymes and silly songs from Mum Poetry is in my genes, but I didn’t know..     Under a toadstool crept a wee elf     Out of … Continue reading

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Double-Dactyls for Napowrimo 30

Napowrimo yesterday gave us the prompt to write a clerihew or a double dactyl poem.  They did the same thing last year, so I make no apology for offering these from Napo 2011.  They have been revised, as the originals had the … Continue reading

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