Wordle 129: a pumpkin diary



stars, clear skies, frosty nights
too soon to plant for autumn fruit

things to do: busy busy time goes by
last chance to plant before I could blink

swept, dug the secret patch, prepared the nest
planted basket of seeds, clever – there will be surplus

saw the miracle of growth as a cluster of leaves emerges
hand weed, pull out sickly plants and leave the strong

heat and dust – the plot dries but growth continues
water each plant nightly and talk to them sweetly

flesh appears amid the leaves, A flash of orange
plants fed and encouraged to develop and swell

anxious watching will they ripen in time?
monster gourd plant ready for harvest

sadness as Jack o’ Lanterns wither
joy at Thanksgiving pumpkin pie


image from whatscookingamerica.net

When I saw the wordle words, the prompt at dVerse for a pumpkin poem leapt into my head!

OctPoWriMo day 6 asks for a poem about what gives us butterflies!  I wrote one a while back called Parachute Jump
so today’s Pumpkin Diary will have to be my poem for today!

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27 Responses to Wordle 129: a pumpkin diary

  1. Pamela says:

    Excellent approach to the words, Viv. I love pumpkins. In fact the kids and I at school are anticipating fun things to do with pumpkins this year. I hope all is well with you.

    Pamela ox


  2. I love carving jack-o’lanterns… always have, even though the smell is beyond gross by the time the pumpkin has been bought!

    Lovely capture of the Wordle, and I’d give anything to try YOUR pumpkin pie, Viv. Amy


  3. thehutts says:

    No pumkins for us this year :(. The seed didn’t grow. We have lots of very large courgettes to get through though. There are still a few very small ones on the plants but I will have to catch them before the frost or slugs get them. Sally


  4. ellaedge says:

    Viv I enjoyed your clever approach…now off to make pumpkin pie or cookies~
    Well Done


  5. ds says:

    I love pumpkin pie. Oh, that anxious watching for ripeness. Enjoyed this. Thank you.


  6. ManicDdaily says:

    I live in the mountains now so there is always a difficulty in getting things to ripen before they freeze! You describe the way the gardening year goes/grows so well. k.


  7. claudia says:

    so you’re talking to your pumpkins as they grow..? smiles… i like… love how you wrote the whole circle here… and i LOVE pumpkin pie…smiles


  8. Misky says:

    This is so clever!! I love it, Viv.


  9. shanyns says:

    Love this…wonder what the other months will have when you do part II? Very nicely done.


  10. Your post took us through seasons,not only on food, but life in general and what we do when it sprinkles its moments on us 🙂


  11. Stan Ski says:

    Doesn’t time fly when you stay busy?


  12. A great journey through a garden’s cycle begins in the hands of the gardener. You capture it beautifully, Viv. I’d love to share a slice of pie with you, but this lovely poem will have to do. 🙂


  13. snlkc says:

    What a year !


  14. magicalmysticalteacher says:

    A seasonal approach to the prompt—what a wonderful idea! (Mind if I steal it for a future Whirl?)

    Dreaming of the One


  15. Laurie Kolp says:

    Thank goodness for pumpkin pie!


  16. brian miller says:

    they do whither so fast….good though that even in dying they can still have use….and give smiles in that pie….


  17. What a delightful poem and yes, the pumpkin pie just leapt from the page and set my mouth watering. So clever these months of the year.


  18. The foodie in me wants a pumpkin pie. Lovely poem.


  19. How wonderful to get your own pumpkins… seems to be a lot of work to get it..


  20. What a clever post and here I was wondering if I would see pumpkins here in Normandy. Email me and will see about connecting. Internet only when I stop somewhere that has free wifi! josslps@gmail.com


  21. oldegg says:

    When do have time to write with all your gardening?


  22. Shah Wharton says:

    I loved being taken through your busy year Viv. X


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