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Wordle 244 Haiku chain for Easter Sunday

  Your names are many, oh God of many forms ─ rescue earthly life Words are not enough ─ enlighten the misguided blow smoke from our minds Banish three pebbles ─ distrust, fear and violence from beneath our feet Banish … Continue reading

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Wordle 243 – A Tribute

I want to tell you about a blogging-quilting friend. Born to cycle, every day a journey, no matter what the sky throws at her she pedals around the country, never standing still, exerting all her energy over stones and rough … Continue reading

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Wordle 242

    Listen to wise words ─ they can transform the lives of dreamers present them with an object, a goal, until they flower and shine, water the deserts and other arid places; bring ease to the troubled, soothe the sick … Continue reading

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Wordle 236 and Haibun Monday

  “Shut your eyes.  Put one foot in front of the other and follow the line until I tell you to stop.  Hmm!  You’ll have to do better than that, your right foot is a country mile from the line.  … Continue reading

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Wordle 232, The Explorer

The intrepid explorer left in icy cold cold enough to make him gasp cold to the core of his being. cold to freeze the blood cold enough til frostbite iced the loss of toes. Days would pass in limbo— the … Continue reading

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Wordle 231

To write a wordle I’ll try to tell you how to join a dozen unconnected words into sensible prose or poetry. Write the words on slips of paper. Next, shuffle them like cards and deal them into a line. Then think … Continue reading

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Wordle 230

Warped and twisted extremists spread everywhere a stream of fear, entwine us in their vicious schemes to lure us into their world  of hatred This flood of anger must be resisted or peace will never reign again. The creases of … Continue reading

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Wishful Wordle

  I wish for clarity of thought for the leaders of the world ─ naked truth wrapped inside  mercy, kindness, gentle wisdom, integrity and most of all, for common sense. * I wish that I had wings to fly around … Continue reading

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A sight for sore eyes – wordle 224

After the harvest the tractor dance resumes to harrow, lime and sow. Fourteen days spin by until from dull brown swathe of stubble emerges green enough to stun, a grid of translucent stripes across the span of my armchair view … Continue reading

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A twofer from Wordle 221 for Octpo 18

How could I write a poem about weapons without swearing or weeping? It is my deeply held view that makers, sellers, buyers of weapons are as guilty of murder as those who use them. *** Transform the energy from good … Continue reading

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Wordle Sloth

Sunday minus inspiration brings the need to write a poem. What’s to do but look for words – a treasure hunt without direction Dropped a wordle to my inbox, words galore in pink variety. Still nothing speaks to me with … Continue reading

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Despair – Wordle 217

Deny it if you can – the world is in a mess: obnoxious cult a threat to our survival. Evil men will try to make our lives a hell, cause families to flee the scent of war. Tolerance is a … Continue reading

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Exhortation – Wordle 215

Friends, enemies and the rest, I beseech you to make a bridge across the pond to carry the dispossessed to safety. Be generous with your money to help feed poor refugees. The DNA in their cells is human, like ours. … Continue reading

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Wordle 213 The Interloper

Unobtrusive amber brown, a bird of easy  virtue chirps merrily to entice a mate or two or maybe three to stop by her home in the wood. An interloper comes in secret in search of a deal, a foster home, … Continue reading

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A superior being has chiselled away at me leaving a hollow space with no words, no rhythm, no poetry, nothing but puzzles. My feckless muse is dumb having lost lucidity to a perplexing foreign tongue in a struggle to make … Continue reading

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