Six Word Saturday

I’ve lost track of the days

I’d forgotten it was Saturday.  Too tied up in writing stuff for Napowrimo (a poem a day for 31 days).  Time I started to live again.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA our neighbour’s garden this morning

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Maria’s birthday lunch in our vilage café yesterday, 50 yards from home and we went by car!  My first proper outing since August 11th.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Maria’s 80th birthday cake yesterday


All poetry, prose and pictures posted here, except where otherwise stated, is my own, and may only be used elsewhere with my expressed permission. Please don't be inhibited from correcting my bloopers and making suggestions: Most of what I post here is instant, ill-considered and off-the-cuff, in serious need of editing.
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21 Responses to Six Word Saturday

  1. So glad you had a treat!


  2. Misky says:

    I’m greatly encouraged that you made it out the front door! My Peder has arthritis in his back, and I know what a struggle this can be. Slowly, slowly, bit by bit. Take care and hugs, Viv.


  3. cessie says:

    How wonderful you are doing NaPoWriMo!! I did NaNoWriMo a couple of years ago and loved being absorbed in writing for a month. I would love to do the NaPo version one day as well. Wish you great fun! I can imagine you’ve lost track of time because of it though…
    Great photos too and a lovely way to celebrate a birthday!


  4. Eha says:

    First: an absolutely priceless comment by the ‘Colonialist’!! Am singing the song as I type!! Secondly: Viv, it all begings with that first step . . . you took it, hopefully could bear the pain and enjoy what you chose from that menu! Now to step number two 🙂 !


  5. Gillena Cox says:

    important to take time out, even from writing; have a nice Saturday

    much love…


  6. losing track of the days is the best… especially when it is because of a good reason..

    To celebrate the publication of my memoir, Dangled Carat, I have a giveaway going on…


  7. julespaige says:

    Oh…I thought that napo…was the write the novel thing. I write every day all the time. I guess I just like to write. Wish I had time to read all the Sunday Whirlers. And Margo’s prompts too.

    Days – what are they? Oh, the thing illuminated with sun hum…very interesting. I’ve been watching my little ones most days – the ones between the ‘weak’ ends. I am reminded the care that a two month old needs plus her three year old brother! Best to you Viv.


  8. Karen S. says:

    Sometimes it’s good to forget what day of the week it is, and just live!


  9. restlessjo says:

    Hooray for Maria’s 80th! That’s a good reason for an outing, Viv.
    You must write a poem or haiku most days, in the normal course of things? I just imagine they flow effortlessly from your unfurrowed brow 🙂 Carry on living- it suits you!


  10. Good luck with that poetry writing!


  11. Mlissabeth says:

    I am happy you made it for an outing, and happy you made it here for 6ws.


  12. Judy says:

    Glad you are out and about! Nothing like sharing a birthday to get us going!


  13. colonialist says:

    You seem to have found it again! 🙂
    The village cafe seems to have been a good answer to how do you solve a problem like Maria …


  14. And in between all of this, you even made time for 6WS. That is impressive, Viv, and I like your photos.


  15. Ron. says:

    Glad to hear you’re out & about, V!
    I did NaPoWriMo a couple Aprils ago & it almost killed me (not to mention that My Beloved Sandra almost walked out on me, feeling totally neglected). They do it in October, too? Oy.


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