#30DaysWild Day 30 Threnody for Wilderness

P1050526 (2)

Small patch of wilderness in the Hutt’s garden (c) Sally Hutt 16 June 2019

Wildness becoming
a wilderness of concrete
no home for wild life

Bird heaven would be
of meadows and native trees
with wild on the side

Wild flowers by lane
to bridge across river –
insect habitat.

Deserted island –
wild retreat for breeding ducks
safe from marauders.

Peep around the bend
to watch wild creatures living
as they’re meant to do.

How far we’ve fallen
from the natural way of life
into urban wild –

how can we bear
this unstable urban life
we have created?

(c) Vivienne Blake 2 July 2013

Mum described this as a group of Haiku and were written in response to a wordle which is a cloud of words.  Mum loved the weekly challenge of writing poems based on a cloud of words provided on the Sunday Whirl blog.  This was her response to Wordle 115 – the latest Wordle on the blog is number 409 from the 23 June 2019.

A Threnody is defined by wikkipedia as ‘a wailing ode, song, hymn or poem of mourning composed or performed as a memorial to a dead person’.  Here is hoping that wilderness is still very much alive and we can all help stop its destruction.  We leave 2 patches of our lawn to grow wild over the summer and are encouraging native flowers such as Pignut, Ox-eye daisy and Betony to thrive there.

This is technically the last day of #30DaysWild but I missed 3 days so owe you at least 3 wild related poems but I have also enjoyed the prompt to read through old posts and find things to post in the box of Mum’s writings that I have inherited so will endeavour to keep posting her poems.


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4 Responses to #30DaysWild Day 30 Threnody for Wilderness

  1. anne54 says:

    Sally, I have loved reading your Mum’s poems through the month. She had a gift for capturing the essence of what she was seeing. Thank you so much for sharing her wonderful words.


  2. janeshlensky says:

    Marie, this month of remembrance of Viv has done my heart good. What a wise, kind, funny friend we had in her. You’re the best for helping us remember her poems. Jane


  3. Marie Elena here, logged into Poetic Bloomings. Thank you again for posting Viv’s #30dayswild in June. It was been wonderful “hearing” her voice again. God bless you, and all who love and miss her.


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