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Thank you so much for all your kind words, dedications and time given to thinking of Mum/Viv during the time of her funeral.  In particular, thanks to Linda Cosgriff, Becky Giles and Restless Jo from the blogging community who managed … Continue reading

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Saying Goodbye

Thank you for all the messages of condolence and poems dedicated to Viv.  We know that many of you are scattered around the world and it is heartening to know that her blogging presence has spread so widely and is … Continue reading

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The end of an era…

It is with great sadness that we have to tell you that Mum (Viv) died on the night of Tuesday 5 July. This was her own epitaph written in May 2014 as it seems most appropriate to use her own … Continue reading

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Laptop is in for major surgery Technology is here to try us tempt us to complacency then wham bang thank you ma’am declines to work quite brazenly wipes out our words so fatally yah boo sucks to you discourteously unless you … Continue reading

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Deauville to Newcastle

Travel broadens the bum and narrows the tolerance (Hurry up and wait, Hurry up and wait) leads to somewhere, you hope (Hurry up and wait, Hurry up and wait) in God’s good time if there’s no headwind  so the plane is … Continue reading

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Jock’s First Apple

The Hutts bought Jock an apple tree for his 80th birthday but he can’t have it in France so we are looking after it for him.  I thought you would like to see photos of Jock’s first apple.    

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Can’t wait to be back home Infernal machine in – working so far.  My wish should be granted on Monday. (Dictated to Sally Friday 17.26 UK time)

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Wishing Grandma a Speedy Return to her Computer

Grandma was feeling quite ill so the doctor said she needed a pill. She took about 5 to keep her alive and that’s why she’s sitting here still. (c) Fraser Hutt Grandma is actually currently lying up in hospital without … Continue reading

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A Christmas Poem from Fraser

A North East Dialect Christmas Poem Let ya turkeys gan wiv the coos Divent mac them sit on ya plate, even let them inta ya toons ta mac them feel safe. The turkeys wanna play footie they divent wanna get … Continue reading

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Birthday poems for a blogger

Happy Birthday Mum. Three amateur attempts at Limericks from the Hutts to celebrate: There is a great blogger called Viv who went off to France to live. As it’s the day of her birth, celebrate on this earth as she … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to Jock

This is Jock’s Birthday present from the Hutts.  It is a Red Falstaff apple sapling and will be planted out next year.  We will save the first apple for Jock!

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Still in hospital

Here is a one sentence update from Mum this morning: ‘I have just downed a glass of white stuff that tasted and looked like wallpaper paste.’ She also dictated a joke to ‘The Laughing Housewife’ yesterday. I thought the doctors … Continue reading

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Six Word Saturday

Flat on my back, not funny No inspiration for reading or writing No jokes, no comfort, no joy Dictated to me over the phone this morning!  I instantly cured the no jokes problem by reading her the ‘Laughing Housewife’ Joke … Continue reading

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Update on Mum’s Internet Access

I have spoken to Mum this morning and unfortunately I do not have good news for you.  She has managed to damage her back (she has some stuck discs) and is currently in hospital.  She is hoping that the phone … Continue reading

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Six Word Saturday

‘My six words are totally unprintable’ Mum texted me this message to post on her blog as she has no internet or phone.  She moved into her new home last week but Orange have messed up and she won’t have … Continue reading

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