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In Memory of Mums

At Christmas time we are reminded of Christmases past and those that are no longer with us. It has been a hard year for a lot of us and we lost my Mother-in-Law (Rosemary Hutt) due to a Lymphoma in … Continue reading


Happy Birthday in National Tree Week

1st December was Mum’s (aka VivinFrance’s) birthday and this week is also National Tree Week. In honour of both events we paid a visit to Viv’s Wood on Sunday to plant a Rowan (aka Mountain Ash) tree that we rescued … Continue reading

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Gran’s Golden Wedding

For Mother’s Day – a poem from Mum’s ‘Old Poetry from OU Courses’ file: I was sixteen, the grans were 72. Now I’m 72 and the grans long gone but their party was something else. Aunts and Great Aunts, Uncles … Continue reading

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A sign for Viv’s Wood

Duncan and I visited Viv’s Wood on Saturday to put up the sign Duncan had made from a piece of fallen oak from the wood.  The branch had come off in gales last winter and dropped into the stream.  Split … Continue reading

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There are daisies in the lawn

There are daisies in the lawn and a dandelion or two, primroses and celandines stand out here and there violets just peeping through. Catkins on the hazel boughs still hide their rosy flower but it won’t be long before a … Continue reading

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Craft Competition Success

I ran a craft competition on behalf of the group Crafty Reivers at the Stamfordham Village Fayre yesterday . We were short on entries from the public so I entered my Mum’s last quilt. The quilt won the people’s vote! … Continue reading

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#30DaysWild Day 30 Threnody for Wilderness

Wildness becoming a wilderness of concrete no home for wild life Bird heaven would be of meadows and native trees with wild on the side Wild flowers by lane to bridge across river – insect habitat. Deserted island – wild … Continue reading

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#30DaysWild Day 29 Take-Off

Gaping, insistent raucous throats plead. A mother swoops to feed the brood. Soon satisfied at first, the intervals grow shorter. Weary parents toil in shifts to quell the unrelenting cheeping. Downy plumage covers scrawny skin as jostling rivalry shrinks nursery … Continue reading

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#30DaysWild Day 28 The Alchemy of Trees

The Alchemy of Trees – a deviant adverb-fest How do trees make poetry of beauty the epitome of overweening dignity exemplar of such alchemy turn brown to green so gaudily and green to gold so carelessly yield habitats resplendently grow … Continue reading

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#30DaysWild Day 27 The Biter Bit

A sturdy small girl stomps down the pavement in a paddy, crosses the field at speed to launch herself with aplomb into the dinghy. Rocking wildly she picks up an oar to propel the boat upstream by paddling over the … Continue reading

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#30DaysWild Day 26 Transformation

A bee is seen, then another, then another on the bushes at the top of the steps. Flowers metamorphose into bunches of currants. Rain swells the currants and sunshine brings colour. Human hands disrobe the branches, leaving a few here … Continue reading

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#30DaysWild Day 25 White-tailed Eagle

The Sea Eagle So many years since last I saw this place, place of my birth and hers. Six long years to grow – grow and gather my adult strength. From a great height I found her Now I must … Continue reading

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#30DaysWild Day 24 For the love of worms

It’s Be Kind to Worms Year to stop the earth being spoiled by large swathes of monoculture, heavy machinery ploughing deep, too much building covering the earth compacting the dirt, impacting the habitat of good bacteria and worms who exist … Continue reading

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#30DaysWild Day 23 Fox and Cubs

Taxonomy a peculiar science – Uncontrollable by mowing, Pilosella aurantiaca, to use its scientific name, is considered worldwide a noxious weed – seen as mundane and unromantic, but by its common name of fox and cubs we’re charmed by the … Continue reading

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#30DaysWild Day22 What Are We Doing

O this great beloved world and all the creatures in it how we do mistreat our fragile home by covering it with concrete, brick and tarmac, abandoning the sane and healthy farming of our forbears, planting, raising cattle, caring for … Continue reading

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