Poetry Is…

Ms Quickly is generously posting a prompt every day.  Today’s is:  Poetry Is … https://imprompt.wordpress.com/2015/02/28/28/

Felix Mendelssohn wrote  Songs Without Words.
Poetry is Words Without Song … or is it?
The poems that I love are all musical,
meaningful, rhythmic and melodic,
they put  a glow on the humdrum,
romanticise the unexciting,
weave magical words
to convert boring
into  interesting.
Poetry  is


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25 Responses to Poetry Is…

  1. Viv, you hit it squarely, and I love it. There is more music in a carefully spoken – or written – word that we will ever know. Thanks for this reminder of the wonderful little world we inhabit, here in the larger one, so filled with other, unpleasant noises. Amy

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  2. I cannot imagine my life without music….or poetry!
    I like the sound and shape of your poem. 🙂

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  3. Susan Chast says:

    Amen to that, told as musically as its story.

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  4. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) says:

    I was just thinking, I must get more music into my poetry! 🙂

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  5. lucychili says:

    yes it is a different perspective =)

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  6. Mary says:

    I agree with you, Viv! I love poetry that is melodic and meaningful.

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  7. MarinaSofia says:

    I understand perfectly – I too am naturally attracted to melodious poems, that I can read out loud and savour in my mouth. There is a time and place for poems that force my intellect, but the ones that sing are always attractive!

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  8. brian miller says:

    i would say most of my favorite poems are songs, or have the music of life in them…
    and its not necessarily that it has to have a beat, but it makes music…

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  9. Yes, poetry is sublime!

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  10. Prajakta says:

    Well said! How poetry has changed my life… I was never into poetry and now I am forever scribbling in my mind.

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  11. You are so right.. there is a melody in all poetry.. and there are words in all melodies.. and once you know how to decipher the code your life is richer.

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  12. claudia says:

    yeah – it is – and to me there’s melody in every poem and also a feel – a scent – poetry holds so much life… i’m amazed at this again and again

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  13. zongrik says:

    I love Songs without words, they are so melodic

    in state, faithful lying

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  14. Mlissabeth says:

    Poetry is musical and magical and sublime.

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  15. You’ve drawn together beautifully the qualities that I love about poetry as well, Viv! 🙂

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  16. Andrew says:

    Very good. I looked at the prompt after reading your poem. Now all I can hear are your words.


  17. julespaige says:

    Well said.

    I posted your comment and a link to your site at the post you visited – since you couldn’t.
    I’ve heard of some folks your way are having issues, but you are the first I actually know about.
    Hope WP fixes the issue.

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  18. granny1947 says:

    I agree…I love poetry.

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  19. ladysighs says:

    OH nice! They all fit. But I think different poems fit in different categories. Today I’m writing to rid the humdrums. 😦 Maybe I’ll try something interesting tomorrow. 🙂 All sublime.

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  20. Misky says:

    Yes, indeed, it is, Viv. xx >

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