I want doesn’t get

Margo Roby has a very enticing prompt for her Tuesday Tryout today.  She wants us to write a poem about everything we want.    According to my Mum (and probably every Mum) I Want Doesn’t Get.  However, here’s

My unexpurgated wish list

I want a new body
without painful bits, with a well-ordered heart.
New eyes and ears would be good.
A few extra inches of leg would come in handy –
well, not handy exactly!  Useful.

I want more energy,
and more hours in the day to use it.
I’d love some new clothes,
elegant, suited to the new slim leggy body.

And that’s just for me.

I want this lovely temperate autumn weather
to continue all year round,
with rain at night and sun by day.

I want some lots of sensible, incorruptible
politicians to run the world for the good of all.

I want enough to eat for everyone
but not too much for anyone.

I  want worthwhile jobs for all
and the will and ability to do them.

I want love and laughter to prevail
over bad temper, crime, cruelty and yobbery,
and an end to the evils of snobbery.

And I want a new rhyming dictionary –
only one rhyme in all this wanting:  for shame!

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22 Responses to I want doesn’t get

  1. I want doesn’t get for sure but Viv, Oh, Viv…if many wanted the way you want what a beautiful leggy, peaceful, well-fed place this would be. I enjoyed this SO much, Viv.


  2. I love your list. It’s so…. Viv!


  3. PJF Sayers says:

    A mighty long list, Viv. I am with you on the world, it seems there is so much negativity, isn’t there? I think you handled this very difficult prompt of Margo’s extremely well.



  4. Mohana says:

    hope your wish list comes true 🙂 the world would def gain much!


  5. Misky says:

    Well done, Viv. I have my list assembled but I’m finding its tone far too me-me-me-ish, which leaves me a bit uncomfortable.


  6. Dick Jones says:

    Noble wishes (mostly!), Viv, but if you only had three, probably best not to waste one on the hope for decent politicians!


  7. Oh I enjoyed this….especially the wanting a better world parts!


  8. Pat Hatt says:

    haha yes that rhyme dictionary doesn’t help much sometimes. But thankfully the cat uses many ways to get around that. Would be nice if that were to come true, but politicains will never be anything but corrupt.


  9. Bodhirose says:

    I love it..such humility in asking for utilitarian things for yourself…nothing too flashy…although perhaps impossible..well, except for the rhyming dictionary.. 🙂 But you went on to ask for such good things for all the world…I like that…gave me a lift.


  10. Have to agree with your wish list – and sending all my spiritual best wishes that they are granted for you and the good of all. Splendid!


  11. brian miller says:

    i love your heart in this…agree on the politicians…and cant believe we cant feed everone already but that is beside the point…the legs coming in hand-y….ha….made me smile…


  12. thehutts says:

    And I say to your grandson – ‘I want never gets – as my mother used to say’! I couldn’t agree more with most of your wish list – not bothered about the rhyming dictionary and my heart’s alright.


  13. It reads like a poem, Viv, so I guess it already is.

    Love your wants.


  14. Linda Vernon says:

    Ha! Thanks for expressing so well what I want too! 😀


  15. margo roby says:

    This really is going to be an interesting bunch of reads. I love the way you start and then shift smoothly to the more somber. You’ve already hooked your audience with the first bit. For a drafty-ish poem, it is already showing power.


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