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Totally uninspired, I goggled at the six lists each containing five words, which the Imaginary Garden paraded for our delectation., to turn any or all into a poem.  If you want to see the 30 words – worse than any … Continue reading

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Viv Is Taking A Short Blogging Break

Hello folks, it’s Tilly here. I’ve news that you won’t like to hear: Viv’s feeling a little brittle and the solution logical is to spend time in hospital (let’s hope it’s just a little). Get well soon, our darling Viv!

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wondering wordle

Everything’s confidential in the detecting trade. In interview with weeping customers who beg him to solve their mysteries, the gumshoe assumes a masquerade. He dares not succumb to all their charms, but does his best to calm their alarms The … Continue reading

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daft picture poem

Ceiling too low I want to grow but it gets in the way of my stretch. If I bounce a bit I’ll hit my nose but at least he’ll wake up at my screech. This is silly. I might as … Continue reading

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Bilingual dialogue and other nonsense stuff

Laurie at http://withrealtoads.blogspot.com/2012/01/word-with-laurie-nonsense.html gives us carte blanche to write nonsense – not being one to need telling twice to write rubbish….. Bilingual dialogue Gobbledegook, soit n’importe quoi      My mind’s a fog.      They’re burbling at me. Blah blah de blah … Continue reading

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Hungarian Strop

http://withrealtoads.blogspot.com/?zx=b5584de227c1b80e set us the writing exercise of a Strophe poem.  For some reason, I found it impossible to take it seriously, so I apologise to those readers who came up with stunning examples.  I leave the form beside the nonsensical poem. x. … Continue reading

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Poetry Tow Truck Prompt 42 is to write a poem based on the number 42 The answer to life, the universe and nearly everything.  Oh no it isn’t http://djvorreyer.wordpress.com/ 42 round the waist: disaster 42 years of age: life starts to … Continue reading

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Nonsense Wordle 16/10/11

 A bolt from the blue burst onto the scene which explained the broken window. To a record of Placido Domingo, dancing feet gathered around the bolt wondering what it could be. The beautiful girl in the drop-shoulder gown with crinoline … Continue reading

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Prompt #74 Left-hand first

http://wewritepoems.wordpress.com/ wants us to write with the wrong hand all week, and produce a poem which is contrary to our usual voice, style or whatever.  Here is mine, which was written with both hands.  And no, I have NOT been drinking. … Continue reading

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Highland dancing, Wordle style

  Highland dancing, Wordle style The band struck up a strathspey, a slow dance which should be stately, sacred to a Scot. Two-ton Tess was eager, aching for a bop. A tremor shivered her timbers, her nether regions wobbled and … Continue reading

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