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The joy of a working computer He did it:  the Splendid Young Man finally found the way to rid Lappy of nasties, bring back Word and generally liberate me from the miseries of the previous ten days.  He was rewarded … Continue reading

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Mindful Writing day 4 – an optimistic haiku

          for http://www.writingourwayhome.com/2013/01/small-stone-day-four.html

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Snow Haiga

for Haiku Heights

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Heiku Heights challenge 10

Summer Forecast clouds and rain – summer weather on the way, depressing climate. Forecast maybe sun – glimmer of hope for Thursday warmth  cheers the gloomy

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Haiku Heights, Day 6 – Hope

My state is stasis imprisoned by wires and tubes, hoping for freedom * In noise and bustle, sleep precious commodity, comes in small doses. * Hope is at hand telemetry is promised an end to prison. Sally will post this … Continue reading

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Heights of Haiku Challenge 5 – waves

Waving goodbye can be just a politeness or prelude to tears * Wanton willow tree waves wildly in the West wind, hangs limp in a calm.

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Heights of Haiku Challenge 4

Doubt Doubts come to confound the truth with muddled logic and refuse to leave * Undoubtedly Spring, then unseasonable snow covered  the blossom * There may be no plums no bees have  yet visited delicious blossom.  http://haiku-heights.blogspot.fr/2012/04/april-heights-day-4-116-doubt.html

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Heights of Haiku April 2012 challenge

  Eager growth means Spring. Seeds are sprouting everywhere in the quest for light.  

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haiku challenge 21

dedication                                     My very first poem             was dedicated to my             children – as babies               My first poem was written in French             Le bébé est né             tout neuf, tout nu, sans cheveux             l’espérance de … Continue reading

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haiku challenge 19

Jaded by winter longing for spring’s benison to warm our old bones spurts of floral growth horses kick up their heels, run joyful and alive heavy heat hangs low midsummer backward glances to those dew-fresh days forward to red and, … Continue reading

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haiku challenge 6

The challenge today is to write   piku on theme word Think .  A piku is a truncated haiku – as in π = 3.14 – although I frequently write piku as π = 3.142.  Not this time, though. Bliss when sun shines, sheds gold on … Continue reading

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River of Stones 28

Settled high by day smoothly segues to crimson January bows out   Other small stones are at http://www.writingourwayhome.com  also for the Haiku Heights prompt Crimson at http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/HaikuHeights/~3/tuG_RBLKFn8/haiku-heights-prompt-104-crimson.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=email

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for haiku lovers and students of randomness

An ex study buddy of mine, Pete, known as Oldtimer,  posted a link to this fun site for a new take on haiku: http://www.valerielaws.co.uk/science/sheep.html

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River of stones 18

Colourless day melancholy weather depletes my joy

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River of Stones 17

  For a few seconds the horizon is ablaze – mourn its passing

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