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  Thread and stitches or knots make clothes to keep us warm. Cement, glue, staples, nails and screws make furniture to give us rest and homes to keep us safe. Roads, railways, tunnels, seaways and airways all link us across distance. … Continue reading

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Miz Quickly is ferhoodling* me with incomprehensible prompts. De at dVerse is enjamb- ing wildly, suggesting we play with hyphens and strange poetic line- ation. Although I write poetry mostly for fun I think I’ll give these two a miss … Continue reading

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A strange new word impinged on my drowsy state  yesterday and set me thinking. Meliorism means that the world tends to become better, or may be made better by human effort. Can this definition be justified?  When you think of … Continue reading

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2000 MM

What a blatherskite I must be to have posted 1999 times on here. This is my two thousandth, which I wanted be something special – a smooth sonnet perhaps, in Shakespearean style, or a meaningful villanelle – but ideas have I none. I looked along my bottom … Continue reading

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