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Meteorological Reflections

  Euphoria of resplendent spring eroded into amorphous grey blob all around. Columns of ants in the bathroom and the tax return awaits attention. Nothing seems to matter much and  everything  annoys  me. Another wet day, the fourth in a row … Continue reading

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A nothing month, November dejection comes with declining days as gloomy lassitude sets in. After two disastrous winters, fear of another uppermost, we fail to profit from feeble sunshine punctuating falling water. Why bother? Victoria at http://liv2write2day.wordpress.com/  suggests we write … Continue reading

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Approaching Darkness

 Some dread the winter darkness, depressed at onset of Autumn. My man is one of them, and I dread his gloomy mood. Others love those lengthening nights with cosy fires and Christmas, Strictly Come Dancing and comfort food – the … Continue reading

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