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Sentier des Douaniers

Margo Roby’s Tuesday Tryout gave us this painting by Monet, Fisherman’s House at Varengeville, Haute Normandie, as inspiration for a poem.  Among other ideas, she suggests we “Do what your brain started as soon as it saw the painting.”  Monet;s … Continue reading

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Jo’s questions

http://restlessjo.wordpress.com/ tagged me to answer a list of questions – not usually my kind of blogging.  I did suggest my answers might be a poem, but it didn’t work out like that:  sorry, Jo.   1.  Which place would you most like … Continue reading

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A Peripatetic Life

A Peripatetic Life From tidy London suburb to riverside freedom interlude of semi-homelessness in nasty little urban flat more suburban respectability for wildish teenage years. Young married pride in rural isolation knowing everyone in town then more suburban respectability for family … Continue reading

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