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Wordle 212: A sackful of jokes

  Hubbub breaks the ghostly silence of feastly eating by the guests. Humour torn from every breast as laughter escapes with jocularity Nectar-filled veins provoke hilarity mirth explodes in outrageous glee shaking shoulders, heaving lungs hiccups, tears, hiatus comes: engine … Continue reading

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Wordle 209 ….. I wish

I wish I were a girl again, camping beside the river Thames basking in the sunshine’s warmth toasting marshmallows singing all those campfire songs having fun with the boys in the kayaks  – racing, exploring, flirting, turning turtle. Hell and … Continue reading

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Advice to a Housewife

Looking for a handkerchief in a muddle of a drawer, stumble over faded letters from a long lost love. Never tidy drawers that might contain such treasure. Never turn out old pockets for the river of your story. Leave memories … Continue reading

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OBSESSION – wordle 206

Barbara’s back with an eclectic mix of wordle words, which I couldn’t assemble in one poem, so here are two which hardly merit being called poems. Quilts galore cover the beds, escaping onto walls and out by the open door … Continue reading

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Quirky Quilting

An enticing brightly coloured heap awaits me in the sewing room. Humming softly I survey, reflect, and ponder what to make – what a fool, as if I had a choice. The fabrics shout “pick me,” “and me.” I laugh … Continue reading

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Whirligig Wordle 7

Longing to be leaving, I don’t want to find you grieving, lighting candles to remember what you thought of  as a treasure. Rush away  and have some fun – learn to roar at the sun, for this prodigal is indestructible. … Continue reading

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Whirligig 6: Belinda

Delinquent Donkey Belinda our mystic donkey was a contrary soul – take her for a walk southward and she’d stop dead, dig her hooves into the soil. Change direction she’s all sweetness and light – no consolation if you need … Continue reading

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Napowrimo 26 – Anticlimactic Wordle

That first evening gown was made for me by a lady who lived down the road. She sewed for a living – her purse must have been small – she didn’t charge much for the hours that she spent measuring, … Continue reading

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Whirligig 3 Wordle

Sanguinary language shocks elderly guesthouse ladies, who turn their heads in shame * Unhappy nightmare night leads to daytime gone askew, moments of dreary plight * A flurry of crimson flowers pulls us back from the brink of sleep into … Continue reading

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Courtship – wordle 205

A blackbird exists to sing his joy – his call for all to listen, Repair the soul from blues to bliss add a frame to every day. His craft will turn back wretchedness to chance of ecstasy for nondescript brown … Continue reading

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Disillusion Wordle 204

  Wild beginnings of romance, wilder imaginings of a stolen future broke through the clay of humdrum ordinary. Momentary fulfilment before tongues whispered the power of malice burned sleep with jealous flame, destroyed my dream. I am alone.   Pure … Continue reading

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Masochism – Wordle 202

  In the drive to join in every wordle , words and images are planted willy nilly here and there. I shall make no excuses for incoherence. To begin the trip: The Northeast wind stings my skin with hail as … Continue reading

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Healing Light – Wordle 200

  Hopeless yearning for the unattainable takes me stumbling towards the river. Dark reflections echo my morbid contemplation. Wait. Beneath the umbrella of the forest canopy tiny delicate petals are striving to open, searching for light until a gleam from … Continue reading

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Leading Role for a Dog Wordle 198

Marcel the Marvellous, a tiny orphan lamb adopted by a galumphing dog, burst into another life With nary a sound, the dog instilled the will to survive, to act the clown to tumble around in Persil-white fleece each to each … Continue reading

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Perpetual Sunday. Wordle 197

  The clock is ticking towards the day – the hours are spread to spend in any way that I desire No need to race to work, no host of tasks to perform Still less, a  state of stress no … Continue reading

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