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Haiga for Celie

If you don’t know Celie and her wonderful blog at The Kitchen’s Garden, you haven’t lived. Here are two of the characters you  will find:  an anonymous piglet – those destined for the table are not named other than as … Continue reading

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  TAXING TIMES No time to sew, there’s much too much to do with snowstorms of papers and files to go through. Where did I put that so and so form? My head’s in a spin but that is the … Continue reading

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Haytime in April?

On Sunday, the farmer cut the big field opposite the house.  He came and turned it at dusk on Monday and Tuesday.  The sun shone and the wind blew just enough to dry it beautifully.  I suspect he will collect … Continue reading

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Six Word Saturday

Lucky are those who can see  Picture of Cathar Castle Quéribus in France borrowed from Joss’s Blog

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On Days Like These

2015 has been blessed with many days like these, mild and sunlit.   On days like these happiness lingers long — with friendship fêted New friendships always greeted with joy Old friendships precious— warmth of memories Virtual friends, real in all … Continue reading

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HOPE At A prompt Each Day, now transformed into  A Week for Writing , is to write about hope.  I was struggling until I read today’s post at The Kitchen’s Garden.    I stole Celie’s wonderful picture and a few of … Continue reading

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Osprey Haiga

Today at Kielder Water in Northumberland, the osprey chicks from nest one were ringed,  and Joanna Dailey kindly allowed me to use her lovely photograph of the father, named YA. waiting for the return of the young to the nest. … Continue reading

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Cirrus Haiga

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 for Poetry Chain Gang  Challenge Day 4, and Sally Hutt’s Wild Challenge

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Agrestis in Urbe

A haiga on Restless Jo’s photo, for Sally’s wild challenge, and Poetry Chain Gang, Day 3

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Ms Quickly prompt for today was a quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson, which I have bowdlerised in a haiga.  The two pictures were borrowed from Celie at The Kitchen’s Garden.  The story about the chicks is that the incubator was … Continue reading

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February landscape, Illinois

Image borrowed from Celie at the Kitchen’s Garden Glowering sky threatens copious descent of earthly cover

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Seasonal thought

  At mindlovemiserysmenagerie they give us two seasonal words (kigu) to choose from in a haiku:  snowflake and sunflower.  Having neither at the moment, I shall (as usual) do my own thing.   Misty dusk descends on the bare ploughed … Continue reading

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Tima and Tane haiga

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Another Haiga: Dunfermline Abbey

Picture stolen from Jo Woolf’s Journal

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