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  Amid the darkness a lost love found me, waiting like a lioness under a lone  streetlight. Images of you flood my mind. Craving the fluidity of your presence, I reject the tangibility of lost love in favour of a … Continue reading

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Nature’s Cento

Insects flittering, leaves flickering in the breeze filter the light with moving speckles. Glistening blue and green of dragonfly delight the eye Cacophony of birdsong tunes the ear to individual airs A waft of flowery fragrance scents the air as a … Continue reading

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Osprey Haiga

Today at Kielder Water in Northumberland, the osprey chicks from nest one were ringed,  and Joanna Dailey kindly allowed me to use her lovely photograph of the father, named YA. waiting for the return of the young to the nest. … Continue reading

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Another Kind of Love – a sonata poem

  I Allegro Amabile Shakespeare denies that love can be love which alters when it alteration finds. Experience informs me otherwise. That first euphoric flurry bears us onward in impetuosity from first encounter through exploration, discovery, exposed illusion. Ephemeral glory … Continue reading

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Beothail’s Lament

  The restless wind at Lismore Isle sounds a maiden’s heartworn sigh, for Beothail of the golden hair had lost her Viking love . She pined and died  far from  her home and still her voice was heard on the … Continue reading

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  Margo Roby’s Tuesday Tryouts always comes up with intriguing prompts, but today is a doozie.  She wants us to choose a weird word, and take off from there.  I am a follower of’s Word of the Day which … Continue reading

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Taxonomic Trivia

  Vampire Squid from Hell How do new species get their names? When scientists were educated in Latin and Greek it was easy. They found something else that is vaguely similar and named the new wriggler for that genus. The … Continue reading

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