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New rant

After a very long gap, there is a new rant on my Miserable Old Bat’s blog: I do hope I haven’t offended large chunks of my readership!

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Seeing Stars

Seeing Stars To see the stars it must be dark ─ dark as a wilderness where no-one lives pitch dark as on a mountain top at midnight. or as under an olden-days photographer’s cape. Nowadays it’s hard to see the … Continue reading

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Napowrimo 22: Ottava Rima for Earth Day

  Some of us are blessed in our surroundings happy to be here on God’s good earth, beauty in the air and everything around us. Drought, earthquake, fire and flood have brought a dearth of sustenance, catastrophes abounding, destruction caused … Continue reading

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Earth Day coming soon

The natural world is the most recurrent theme in my poetry, I am still grieving from the sight yesterday afternoon of a man with a power pack on his back spraying the verges of our little lane with weedkiller. He … Continue reading

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