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Metrical Mood

Victoria Slotto is talking about meter for dVerse Meeting the bar today. Meter to me is not so much a discipline of choosing the number of beats or type of foot, but of bringing musicality to a poem.  I am, … Continue reading

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Irene Toh at Red Wolf Poems is asking for poems about gardens.  Here’s a three-year-old poem about the days when we had a proper garden: The Cream of the garden The bank, left wild for birds, insects, and January primroses, before … Continue reading

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Amuse me, my muses.

  Where are you hiding, Calliope? Terpsichore, Erato, I need you, too. I see you there, lurking in the fog of muddled thought, jinking in and out of consciousness like  naughty children. Please, won’t you come out to play? Play … Continue reading

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Haiga for Celie

If you don’t know Celie and her wonderful blog at The Kitchen’s Garden, you haven’t lived. Here are two of the characters you  will find:  an anonymous piglet – those destined for the table are not named other than as … Continue reading

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Tritina – Shrinkage

As my years increase choices shrink slip out of reach Not quite within reach frustration increases as I shrink As my freedom shrinks the desire to reach the top shelf increases Envoi: Increase the shrinkage of the world to reach … Continue reading

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Listen to Chopin’s Fantasy Impromptu Op.66 played by Horowitz   Improvisation can produce serendipitous music or a discordant mish-mash. Whenever I tried it as a child, a voice from the kitchen would call out. “You’re just messing about.  Get on with … Continue reading

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A Song for Patrick’s Day

When I was young I learned to sing a song for Patrick’s day. If I remember rightly, then today is Patrick’s day I don’t remember all the words and can’t recall the tune but somewhere in the song I think … Continue reading

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  Guest prompter Matthew Henningsen at dVerse wants us to go travelling When I can’t sleep because my head is full of whirling thoughts and images.  I think my way back to a small crescent-shaped bay on the island of … Continue reading

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A Futile Quest

  The pursuit of happiness, is surely a waste of time. It arrives or it doesn’t, whether we chase it or no, a track leading only to frustration. Be kind, work hard, laugh and enjoy, use what talents we’re given, … Continue reading

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Better brave deeds than Valentine vows. Caring cannot be shown by words. Words would only weep with tears when what is wanted is worth much gold. Fair formula for wooing would be a faithful heart forgiving frailty yet seeking no … Continue reading

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Last Day of June and #30days wild

FEEL THE MORNING I wake at dawn to the sound of lapping water, the pungent scent of river mud, stick my head out of the tent flap to watch the peaceful Thames. A hatch of midges dances erratically, catches the … Continue reading

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Reading about food makes you hungry so you open a recipe book are instantly distracted hunger grows. You start to prepare weigh ingredients go up to the village for what’s not in store start again make a mess clear it … Continue reading

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for Sally’s wild challenge:  I started a new Future Learn course today – How to Write Your First Song, from Sheffield University  – which is an adventure in itself.   So I haven’t had time to write a new poem … Continue reading

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Another Kind of Love – a sonata poem

  I Allegro Amabile Shakespeare denies that love can be love which alters when it alteration finds. Experience informs me otherwise. That first euphoric flurry bears us onward in impetuosity from first encounter through exploration, discovery, exposed illusion. Ephemeral glory … Continue reading

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Napowrimo 18 – a journey with a message.

The grocery delivery driver dashes to the back door, calling out to Mum.  “Put the radio on, quickly,  put the radio on.  Lieten,” Pip pip pip pip pip pip Good morning. Here is the news and this is Alvar Liddell reading … Continue reading

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