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Jock’s First Apple

The Hutts bought Jock an apple tree for his 80th birthday but he can’t have it in France so we are looking after it for him.  I thought you would like to see photos of Jock’s first apple.    

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Gallinipper is’s word of the day – \GAL-uh-nip-er\ noun 1. Informal. any of various insects that sting or bite, especially a large American mosquito, Psorophora ciliata. Gallinippers  were very much in evidence yesterday at the Osprey Watch in Kielder Forest, Northumberland.  Fortunately … Continue reading

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The stuff of life – Wordle 161

    Gone are the days when I had the force to pummel the dough into shape. Gone are the days when the bread in the house was all mine. Now are the days of disaster, ageing bones of fragile … Continue reading

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6 word saturday

Macaroni Cheese is my favourite supper Deprivation of a favourite food makes me appreciate it all the more on the rare occasions when I do make it.  For the last few years, cheese has been forbidden fruit for Jock (at … Continue reading

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Poetry Drought

A horrible feeling that I’ve written nothing worth reading lately means that I have not posted anything for days, though I have been busy submitting earlier work to various competitions etc. The Christmas season is upon us, with cards to … Continue reading

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Regarding Slimming – wordle 136

  Regarding slimming You have a choice: undoing your belt or suffering its stricture. However, you could change your habits, lessen your consumption of chocolate, fill the gap with fruit. Gather sweet things to jettison in virtue. Cycle to work, … Continue reading

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The Flavour of June

A therapeutic walk around the garden produced a taste explosion: lurking under a tangle of bindweed, a honeyed fragrance lures me to explore. I think that I’m in heaven  – first stolen fruit excels Eve’s sinful apple by a million … Continue reading

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A bee is seen, then another, then anotheron the bushes at the top of the steps.Flowers metamorphoseinto bunches of currants.Rain swells the currants and sunshine brings colour. Human hands disrobe the branches,leaving a few here and there for the birds. … Continue reading

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We’re supposed to have sun today but June has shown no sign of busting out all over yet.  There is a smidgeon of colour creeping into the landscape, so I’m hopeful of better things to come, and we’ll soon be … Continue reading

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for One single Impression The liquid in my glass is cider, brewed nearby, by a friend,liquid sunshine, sweet and sour like the chicken burbling in the cocottewhile the rice is steaming gently.What more could a grumpy poet ask?

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Village Produce Show

“…and the first prize in the Victoria Sandwich competition goes to Mrs Smith. The rise and flavour were both impeccable, and the strawberry jam filling was home-made unlike others. I did wonder – did you doctor the official recipe, Mrs … Continue reading

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Freedom: Prisoners Part III

Those workmen are amazing.  They  worked their way down the hill digging, placing pipes and covering, to just below our house, so Jock was able to bring the car back by 2.45. We still can’t go down the hill, but … Continue reading

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Wordle 86

Hospital Food Relentless, bland, salt-free low-fat diet, how can they think that will revive me? My delicate appetite needs titillation not discouragement, to rejuvenate my feeble self, eliminate the stress that brought me to this unhappy pass. There’s a space … Continue reading

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A haiga or two

  image from Celie Gunther  and the words are Viv’s image from Colin Woolfe, words from ViV The Sad End of a Cake – image, cake and words by ViV

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Ten year old boy can cook My daughter and family have been staying this week, and today, Fraser made us a spectacular pudding of whole poached pears with cinnamon and brown sugar, encased in flowers of filo pastry.  We loved … Continue reading

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