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Seigneur ayez pitie de nous (mark II)

Kyrielle  Have mercy on this wicked world O Lord, I pray at start of day. It’s the waste that makes my flesh crawl; the waste of the truncated lives by war and madness brought to dust, never again to realise … Continue reading

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Sonnet Written in Shock

The grief at yet more crazy killing is ripe to explode from me in words. How  could any human being inflict such terror city-wide? What do they want, these murderers? No adequate adjectives exist in any language to express revulsion … Continue reading

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Loopy Scrap Verse

for Octpo 26 where the prompt is to  take the last word of a line. Skip a line. Use that word as the first word of that line then take the last word of the FIRST line and use it as the … Continue reading

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Balderdash and Poppycock

    An anapest one sunny day didida didida didida had a battle with a dactyl umpity umpity umpity That darned pest of an anapest hit umpity’s chest and came off best but his fist struck and then stuck, Didida umpity as long … Continue reading

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When my inbox is deluged with a smorgasbord of  stuff when there’s too much to read action, arrange and consider engulfed in officialese and jargon and swamped with bills to pay interspersed with  rubbishy spam overwhelmed inundated liquidated besieged is … Continue reading

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Heart beats in iambics, stomping trochees or frivolous dactyls

On BBC 4 tv last night, there was a fascinating conversation between Simon Armitage and Tony Harrison, who gave the best justification for writing modern metrical rhyming poetry that I have heard.  It’s true that the most natural rhythm is … Continue reading

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Wind and water

Breeze breeds a gust gust grows into squall squall expands to gale gale hurries hurricane A gust grows into a wild wet squall rocks the boat as they shorten sail sit over the side of the little yawl. Continuous squalls … Continue reading

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Jisei – Tanka

Refusal to consider the moment of my going ─ too close for comfort better not to waste time fretting ─ enjoy every precious second Probably too simplistic an interpretation of Gayle’s excellent prompt, to write a Japanese death poem, but … Continue reading

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Winter Kyrielle

The longest nights are looming low and misty mornings greet us, so it’s time to hunker down with tea to ride the winter out with me. Cozy evenings we will spend beside the fire, with bad tv. A glass of … Continue reading

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HOPE At A prompt Each Day, now transformed into  A Week for Writing , is to write about hope.  I was struggling until I read today’s post at The Kitchen’s Garden.    I stole Celie’s wonderful picture and a few of … Continue reading

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After a morning looking after an enchanting six-year-old girl….   Vieillesse  et jeunesse ont beaucoup en comun sauf  excès d’énergie la musique démarre nous commençons à danser tout le monde bouge L’enthousiasme règne bras, jambes et corps partout le rythme … Continue reading

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History in Art

Throughout the ages artists have harked back to earlier times. Vast scenes of gods and goddesses epic battles, resplendent kings. Renaissance gave us the classical in extravagant proportions focused on the human form in unlikely combinations surrounded by flying cherubim … Continue reading

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Atrabilious tanka’s word-of-the-day  yesterday:  “atrabilious”, an adjective meaning gloomy, morose, melancholy, morbid;  irritable, bad-tempered;  splenetic.   It could well describe me, who is glooming for lack of poetic inspiration.   However, a Prompt a Day gives us the phrase “Take it Easy” to start … Continue reading

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Earth’s Bounty

It doesn’t always live up to expectations – frequently too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry Wearing pretty cotton dresses and silly strappy sandals does something magic for a girl’s morale and looks Young beauty is enhanced by a … Continue reading

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  About this time I start to think about a cup of tea when all at once I need a drink and Jock makes it for me. The humming sound the kettle makes tells me it won’t be long Ah … Continue reading

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