There are daisies in the lawn

There are daisies in the lawn
and a dandelion or two,
primroses and celandines
stand out here and there
violets just peeping through.
Catkins on the hazel boughs
still hide their rosy flower
but it won’t be long
before a cheer
salutes the thaumaturge
who shows us Spring is almost here.

(c) Viv Blake 21 Feb 2015

Mum wrote this poem for her 6-Word-Saturday post – the six words being ‘There are Daisies in the Lawn’.  Thaumaturge means maker of magic, miracle bringer.  Mum liked to use unusual words and had been alerted to this word from‘s word of the day a few days before she wrote this poem.

The photos were taken by me in the last few days in Northumberland as I like to hunt for signs of spring at this time of year.

Mum would have like today’s date as it is palindromic – 02/02/2020.


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5 Responses to There are daisies in the lawn

  1. rosie says:

    You are so thoughtful Sally, thank you for sharing.


  2. that is wrote. I do hope we get up to see the wood in the coming year


  3. how strange Sally , I was only thinking of Viv and you earlier today. I love seeing the poems Viv wriye


  4. katechiconi says:

    I hope you will do more of these, resurrecting Viv’s poems and thoughts. I still miss her…


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