#30DaysWild Day 28 The Alchemy of Trees

The Alchemy of Trees – a deviant adverb-fest

P1020528 (2)

Trees in Viv’s Wood 1 Dec 2018 (c) Sally Hutt

How do trees make poetry
of beauty the epitome
of overweening dignity
exemplar of such alchemy
turn brown to green so gaudily
and green to gold so carelessly
yield habitats resplendently
grow strong timber generously
to build our houses sensibly
fuel our fires renewably
absorb nuisance gas ingeniously
shade our gardens usefully
grow delicious fruit in diversity
give swarming life big-heartedly?

Oh! How I love those trees.

(c) Vivienne Blake

Apologies for this late post for yesterday.  This poem comes from the box I have of Mum’s writings.  It comes from a file that starts with submissions from her Open University writing courses so it is probably an early poem.  The group of poems it comes from is just labelled ‘Old bits and bobs – mostly submitted’.  Submitted for what, I don’t know.  The photograph was taken in Viv’s Wood, a wood bought with my inheritance, on what would have been her birthday last year.



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1 Response to #30DaysWild Day 28 The Alchemy of Trees

  1. thehutts says:

    I did find that this was posted on the blog on 21st April 2011 but is no longer visible so she must have submitted it for publication somewhere! Sally


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