#30DaysWild Day 26 Transformation

P1050641 (2)

Currants (c) Sally Hutt 27 June 2019

A bee is seen, then another, then another
on the bushes at the top of the steps.
Flowers metamorphose
into bunches of currants.
Rain swells the currants
and sunshine brings colour.
Human hands disrobe the branches,
leaving a few here and there for the birds.

Stalks removed, the fruit is steamed
with an apple or two and a lemon
until the juices run.
Siphoned into another pan,
measured and sugar added,
boiled hard to setting point, and skimmed,
poured into jars, and sealed.

Labelled Gelée de Cassis,
I gloat at the shelves full of clear gleaming colour
and sweetness to give us goodness
through the long cold days of winter.

(c) Vivienne Blake 1 June 2013

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The Hutts from Northumberland
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1 Response to #30DaysWild Day 26 Transformation

  1. Marie Elena says:

    I got sidetracked in my 30 days of soaking in Viv’s words. Thankful to be back here again today. This is so lovely. Almost meditative.


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