#30DaysWild Day 23 Fox and Cubs


Fox and Cubs 16 June 2019 (c) Sally Hutt

Taxonomy a peculiar science –
Uncontrollable by mowing,
Pilosella aurantiaca, to use its scientific name,
is considered worldwide a noxious weed –
seen as mundane and unromantic,
but by its common name of fox and cubs
we’re charmed by the semantic.

(c) Vivienne Blake 20 June 2014

I was looking through facebook memories for today and there was an exchange of comments on a photo of fox and cubs (aka orange hawkbit) from our garden that Mum had posted.  I found this poem in the comments and just last week I took a photo of the same plant in the area of our front lawn we are leaving wild for wild flowers.  Seemed the perfect poem to share today.  It is a plant that has escaped from gardens into the wild. Sally

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The Hutts from Northumberland
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1 Response to #30DaysWild Day 23 Fox and Cubs

  1. We only seem to see them in Scotland . In Norway at present and there are pink and purple lupines everywhere you look


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