#30DaysWild Day 20 Polychrome Pleasure

P1030172 peacock and primrose (2)

Peacock Butterfly on a Primrose, Rathlin Island April 2019 (c) Sally Hutt


Orchid, Bellingham June 2019 (c) Sally Hutt

Through April and May
the land blazes with yellow –
cheer after winter grey

Purple, green and white
dominate and decorate
trackside banks in June.

(c) Vivienne Blake June 13 2015



Mum wrote this poem for the 30 Days Wild challenge in 2015.  It was inspired by a haymeadow sound recording that I shared with her.  This same hay meadow featured in a video taken throughout the year using some stunning time lapse photography.

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The Hutts from Northumberland
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