Installing Bird Boxes in Viv’s Wood

We spent most of the day in Viv’s Wood.  Duncan has been busy making bird boxes with off cuts from a fence we have removed from our garden to allow for a long planned extension to the house.

Two Tit Boxes and a Tree Creeper Box Installed

We also felled some birch trees to make a wood store.  The plan is that this will be a solar kiln wood store to dry wood in situ.  We have completed the frame and now need to buy or source some clear material to roof it.  The construction will also involve fuller front and backs but the sides will be open to allow the wind to dry the wood.

Solar Wood Store in Construction

Of course it wasn’t all work and we spent some time admiring the wildlife.

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The Hutts from Northumberland
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6 Responses to 6-Word-Saturday

  1. I am so impressed you are continuing her blog and with such a wonderful project. I followed Viv through her poetry and it was sad to hear about her loss through Dverse poets. I live in the woods in Spain and am now remembering reading some of your Mum’s memoirs. I was just doing some admin on my wordpress and saw your post. Am glad you have revived her work and that so many have been involved with you all. Will try and look your wood up when back in UK and hope all will be well for you all after such a tragic experience.


  2. rosie says:

    I think it’s a brilliant dedication-she was a wonderful person xx

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  3. colonialist says:

    Six good words and the underlying activity even better!


  4. so happy to hear of Viv’s legacy. We will be cycling through Northumberland at Easter.


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