TAXING TIMES haiga mark 4


No time to sew, there’s much too much to do
with snowstorms of papers and files to go through.
Where did I put that so and so form?
My head’s in a spin but that is the norm
for tax day.  Figures are missing, leaving me wishing
that I were anywhere else but here.

Phone call to tax robot ─ “Press one, two or three”
now, which do I need?  Please somebody help me.
“You have the wrong form, you want 47 K not 47C”
But that’s what you sent me.  I didn’t foresee
mistakes from you as well as from me.

Husband keeps fussing me – time for a rest.
Breaks concentration ─ oh what a pest.─
now where was I? Ah yes, calculation
but which one? I ask ─ it’s all such a muddle.
Does everyone let tax confuse and befuddle?
When it is done I’ll be needing a cuddle.
Once this nightmare is over and I can relax
I shall laugh, and shout loudly,



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28 Responses to TAXING TIMES – haiga

  1. I always hated tax time when I was married to my first husband. He was in charge of it but yelled at me all day long, Yes, he waited till the last day. It got so awful that I found a good tax man the year we divorced. I’ve been through a second marriage but still have the tax man. He’s worth every cent and I have told him he is not allowed to retire. He’s done my taxes in three states and I never worry about a thing. We’ve been together 30 years now. I sent him an anniversary card. Numbers will never work in my brain and my tax man knows his job so well. No more stress.


    • That wouldn’t work for me: you’d have to find the figures for the accountant, which is what takes the time and worry. I can add up perfectly well! We had a taxman once when we both had businesses, and he made a complete mess of it. Never again.

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      • I guess I just got lucky. And not so many papers. They go in a folder and I mail them to him. The last husband had several different tax people that made a mess of his. Mine was a keeper. My son finally started using him for his business and wishes he’d done it years ago. They are not all created equal. Hope next year is easier on you for the taxes. I hate them too. But I could never write such a lovely poem about the misery of it. 🙂

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  2. Bryan Ens says:

    Death and taxes are the only sure things…and I wonder which is worse…


  3. Patti says:

    Oh, yes, I can totally relate. The day we sit down, surrounded by paper — statements, receipts, and forms — is my least favorite day of the year. Drinking helps.


  4. Waltermarks says:

    Thank God they’re not in the next life, no telling how they’d screw that up

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  5. lynn__ says:

    Oh dear, many of us can relate to this…difference here is husband fussing AT me for right figures to take to the tax man! A taxing time for farm businesses too.

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  6. Damn husband, always looking after you!

    Mine’s the same. As part of my 101/1001 challenge I went on a children’s playground – and fell off the spider net. I was furious with the Hub because, instead of taking a photo for my blog, and thus giving my readers something to laugh at, he ran up to help me and make sure I was okay. I was cross for days.


  7. There’s a tax robot?? haha! My son is a chartered accountant but he is so swamped that we take ours somewhere else to be filed. It is so tedious. We live in Canada, but he works in the U.S., just to complicate matters even more. Anything involving the gathering of odd and random papers makes me crazy. Enjoyed your poem…and good luck!


    • The tax robot is what you get if you telephone the office for help – a string of incomprehensible options, none of which covers your question.
      They also send a “Notice” with the form which is supposed to answer every question, in such tiny font and faint ink that it may well answer the questions but is impossible to read.

      We don’t use an accountant – it would take twice as long to find all the figures, then tell them to him/her, then to check that he/she hadn’t got it all wrong (as happened to us once: never again)


  8. Bodhirose says:

    I usually had it very easy with doing my taxes and could do them myself. One year I apparently made an error though and the IRS (our tax entity here in the U.S.) actually corrected it for me and I received more money back! But I feel your pain, Viv, you’re not alone in your torment.

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  9. Mary says:

    It is always such a relief when taxes are filed & the hassle can be put aside for another entire. Breathing a sigh of relief…..

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  10. whimsygizmo says:

    Ha! Loooooooove this. Love the double play in your title!

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  11. Victoria says:

    Isn’t it awful. If it’s not bad enough, last year when we went to mail in our taxes, I put a scratch on the entire passenger side of my car that is still there as an ugly reminder of the cruelty of it all.


  12. I live in a state where the government knows it all… you just send an SMS and you are done… (given that what they know is correct)…


  13. I can so relate to this! I hate doing taxes. But at least we got money back this year. 🙂

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  14. tialys says:

    You have summoned up the feeling of grappling with incomprehensible paperwork very well.

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  15. anne54 says:

    Our tax time is still on the horizon — but I take mine to a little man who knows just the right form!

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  16. Yes! Yes! Yes! I’m lucky that Len does our taxes, but I can feel this one deeply from his demeanor during the task. Tax task? Relax. haha! This is well written, Viv. Excellent work on cadence and rhyme.

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