Real Spring came and went again

Wednesday was warm enough to have lunch outside, and a nap on the swing hammock,
then there was a huge thunderstorm followed by a gale, and the canopy is back in the garage.  I am back in grumpy mood and winter woollies.

shed roof across the road 15.3.16
shed roof across the road after the gale

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16 Responses to 6-word-Saturday

  1. Typical April, all over the place. You know what they say: ne’er cast a clout ’til May is out.

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  2. Suzy says:

    Oh no hope the weather improved. we had a sunny but cool day today but the forecast is for rain tomorrow.

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  3. This is pretty typical. I know in a couple of weeks I will be heading north and returning to uncertainty. My 6 words would be: Wild winds batter the palm trees.

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  4. What a bugger. I am hoping this does not happen to me. That last cold snap we had killed the blooms on both my magnolias. Hope you warm up soon.. c

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  5. tialys says:

    I hate it when you think you can get your summer clothes out, then have to put them away again. We are lucky with the weather down here and it is warm and lovely – long may it last!

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  6. Viv , it has certainly been a week of weather contrasts. We went out intending to do a long day cycle ride but it started to sleet and rain so we only cycled 20 miles- well I did. DH did about 6 more to get his hundred in, I only needed 7 so we both ended up with over 100miles this week. Drat the weather.

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  7. Ron. says:

    We’re warm/sunning up a bit here & will continue for at least a few more days. Maybe…

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  8. katechiconi says:

    Spring sprang…. and then crept back into its hole in embarrassment. Nothing as bad as making a grand entrance too soon.

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  9. Misky says:

    We just have typical April showers, and a wind from the north making it feel cold. Stay warm, Viv – the calendar shows that it’s spring! >


  10. Mother Nature is very unkind – always lulling us into a false sense of security and then hitting us with something like this. I hope it cheers up soon.

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  11. Rosemary Bimson says:

    Morning Viv, I know exactly how you feel as the boat has been out of the water for three weeks now and we are struggling to get the painting jobs we want to do done. The only saving grace is that I can happily sit sewing and not feel guilty. Hate being inside when sun is shining.
    Today it is wet with the added flake or two of snow. Grrrrrrrr


  12. restlessjo says:

    Oh dear! The sad tidings are that the thunderstorm has followed us down here. Boo hoo xx


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