A Song for Patrick’s Day

When I was young
I learned to sing

a song for Patrick’s day.
If I remember
rightly, then
today is Patrick’s day

I don’t remember
all the words
and can’t recall the tune
but somewhere
in the song I think
the people wear the Green.

So it’s diddly dum
and diddly dee and
what was that again?
Oh yes said she
it must be dee
or is it diddly dum.

I’ve drunk sho much
me mind’s a mush
Diddly what a day
Diddly diddly
diddly what
a shong for Patrick’s Day.

I may fall down.
Before I do
it’s besht I shpill the beans:
the shong I learned
in school, it was –
The Wearing of the Green

I was about to put lappy to bed for the night when I noticed the date.  I haven’t come across the usual shamrocks and flag-waving, so perhaps everyone’s forgotten.  In which case this old ditty that I wrote umpteen years ago may jog your memory.

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9 Responses to A Song for Patrick’s Day

  1. This is fun, Viv! My Irish Jewish daughter asked me if I had seen any leperchauns on the big day. I told her I had not looked in the mirror yet! Thx for popping over to see me! Amy

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  2. restlessjo says:

    If it wasn’t for the blogging community I’d never remember Patrick’s Day at all, Viv. 😦 I do like your shong though.


  3. Sue says:

    Cute little ditty!

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  4. I put on me green quite by-acshident thish morinin’! Fun ditty, Viv!! 🙂

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  5. Forgotten??? Not here in the US where the admen have poured the green ink over all their copy & it is green, green from restaurants to department stores where people can celebrate St. Patrick by waving green money into the cash registers!!

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  6. Faith and begorra, Lass…give me a sip!

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